LeadershipProfessional Education Committee

Professional Education Committee (PEC)
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Select topics and speakers and delivery vehicles (in person/electronic) to assist AACD members in attaining the highest level of personal, professional and leadership skills.
Primary Duties
  • Develop educational programming for all AACD educational sessions, i.e. Annual Scientific Session regional and international meetings and virtual programs
  • Identify industry partners who have the potential of supporting AACD educational sessions
  • Utilizing personal and professional relationships for the purpose of recruiting speakers and corporate materials/products
Time Requirements
  • Attend at least three face-to-face PEC meetings and attend monthly PEC conference calls
  • Attend the AACD Scientific Session and actively participate in the scouting and assessments of the educational program
Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge
  • Understand, support and promote the mission and strategic plan for AACD’s professional education
  • Knowledge of cosmetic dentistry continuing education with a focus on industry trends
  • Utilize personal and professional relationships to solidify speakers for AACD professional education sessions
Length of Term
Three Years
(1) ABCD Member, (1) BOD Member and (1) Laboratory Technician Member