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Discounts on Tel-A-Patient

  • Tel-a-patientUses telephone "hold time" to educate callers and build dental practices
  • Custom written messages by professional scriptwriters
  • AACD members save $1,100!
  • Call (800) 553-7373 for more information
Tel-A-Patient is the company that pioneered the concept of using telephone "hold time" to educate callers and build dental practices. With 17 years experience, 9,000 practices and 12,000 dentists as clients, Tel-A-Patient is the number one on-hold company in dentistry.
Tel-A-Patient is the most cost-effective way to ensure that patients learn about your practice. For one small investment, you own a digital system that works on every phone line, every minute of the day. Because Tel-A-Patient messages are custom written by scriptwriters who specialize in dentistry, they truly reflect the image you want communicated to your patients.

Tel-A-Patient interviews you to custom write messages that match your personality so they appeal to your callers and motivate them to ask for additional services or refer friends or family to your practice.

Choosing Tel-A-Patient guarantees that you receive creative service, customer care and playback technology that is second to none.

Best of all, your AACD membership entitles you to special pricing. You will save $1,100 when you contact Tel-A-Patient as an AACD member. Let Tel-A-Patient speak for you. Call Tel-A-Patient today at (800) 553-7373 or visit Tel-A-Patient online.