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Dental Revenue Announces Gold Corporate Membership Status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

Annapolis, MD.  Dental Revenue announces Gold Corporate Member status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). The culmination of a partnership that spans almost a decade, as a Gold Corporate Member, Dental Revenue will continue to be a part of and support the high standards set by the AACD for associated dental health professionals and the advancement of ethical practices in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Revenue is a leading dental marketing agency for dentists seeking a marketing partner to help serve their business and practice goals. We work directly with our clients and their team to develop a focused marketing strategy that is designed to attract patients seeking their expertise and high standards of care.

The Dental Revenue team has worked with leaders in the industry and leadership members of the AACD including Dr. Sal Lotardo (Immediate Past President, Board of Directors) and Dr. Cappy Sinclair (Board Member, American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry). For over a decade we have worked with members at all levels within AACD as they develop their marketing to grow a practice that serves patients’ oral health and aesthetic needs.

Dental Revenue and AACD: a partnership for growth.

The Performance Program developed by Dental Revenue has helped clients like Dr. Cappy Sinclair realize their marketing goals and push their practice growth beyond their own walls. Using a strategic mix of marketing tools we have worked with Dr. Sinclair to achieve success in each stage of his program. From promoting brand awareness to converting leads, our Account Management team makes the necessary adjustments to meet the changing needs of our clients and their practice goals.

"Dental Revenue has been awesome.... they have been with me from the very beginning... we are now a multi location practice.... they have changed our marketing program to fit our needs...They really focus on the niche of what we are looking for…" Dr. Cappy Sinclair 

Much like the clients we work with every day, our marketing programs focus on high quality patient growth. Our experienced team understands the commitment to education, ethical patient care and quality dentistry that our clients make as members of the AACD. As a Gold Corporate Member, we are also committed to the success of both our marketing clients and the future of the AACD as a professional organization serving the needs of its members and the field of dentistry.

Dental Revenue has worked with the AACD for many years and been active at their annual conferences. We have played a role in the development of specific aspects of their own marketing initiatives including the development of as an online source for patients seeking the expertise of an AACD dentist to meet their cosmetic goals.

Our partnership and ongoing support as a Gold Corporate Member of the AACD will serve as a foundation for the contained success of our AACD dentists. Dental Revenue has and will continue to evolve an understanding of the principles of the AACD and how this relates to our clients and their marketing goals.

About Dental Revenue: leading the way in marketing accountability.

Dental Revenue has developed a unique digital marketing platform for dentists that is designed to attract and convert potential patients seeking a higher quality of oral health care. Working with clients in the field of dentistry for over 12 years, our team provides a multi-phased approach to their marketing needs.

The Performance Program and Dental Revenue Dashboard give clients the flexibility and transparency necessary to build their practice and meet business and professional goals. We do not apply a “one size fits all” approach, but work directly with our clients to support their practice growth with the right tools, at the right time. As an AACD Corporate Member, Dental Revenue is uniquely positioned to partner with members in their marketing endeavors.

Aligned with the guiding principles of the AACD, the Dental Revenue team is also committed to providing client-focused marketing solutions. Our Dashboard and ROI tools support a marketing program that is accountable to the client and their practice goals. We look forward to the continued growth and success of the AACD and its members through quality, ethical dental care and conscientious, strategic marketing.

Schedule A Complimentary Demo of our marketing services.

Dental Revenue is ready to be your marketing partner. Contact Bill Mulcahy by visiting our website and requesting to schedule a demo. Our team is ready to be a part of your team and build a successful practice by marketing your skills and expertise as an AACD dentist.


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