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AACD President, Dr. Bakeman, Reflects on Where We Are Now

April 22, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

Dear Fellow Members,

Today would have been the kickoff for the Annual Scientific Session in Orlando. There is so much we are missing! Most importantly, it is the inability to meet face-to-face with those of like mind, spirit and passion for cosmetic dentistry that creates a void.  While it is critical we work to maintain health, I must admit, I am sad not to see all of you.

There is much to be learned and gained by attending an AACD Annual Scientific Session.  For those of you who attend routinely, you know what I mean. For those of you who have never attended, you owe it to yourselves to put next year’s meeting in Colorado, April 14-17, 2021 on your calendar and make it a priority to attend.  Members of the Professional Education Committee are already well on their way to making AACD Rockies Scientific Session the best!

Until then, take advantage of the AACD’s Virtual Campus, the On-line Open Forum and the award-winning Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.  Just this morning, while working up a sweat on the Stairmaster, I finished reading the article Updated Clinical and Technical Protocols for Predictable Immediate Implant Placement by Iñaki Gamborena, DMD, MSD, FID; Yoshihiro Sasaki, CDT; Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD. If you are placing or restoring implants, it is a must-read!  Dr. Gamborena’s longstanding dedication to implant dentistry and attention to detail maintaining and developing soft tissue around implants is second to none.  I am motivated to learn more, and I am sure you will be as well.

Also, please utilize the COVID-19 related resources we've made available on our COVID-19 page. We want to help you find the answers you're seeking through this challenging time.

Until we meet again, be safe and well. Health is something money cannot buy.  Maintaining the health of ourselves, our families, our staff members, our friends, our communities must be our top priority. If we have our health, we can manage the other challenges we face. 


AACD President Betsy Bakeman

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