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Affiliate Resources

Engaging AACD members and dental professionals locally for educational events and lectures can be an extremely rewarding experience. The AACD is dedicated to providing resources to help Affiliate leaders coordinate the planning of courses and events.

AACD Affiliate Start-up Guide

Interested in starting an AACD Affiliate? The content of this get-started guide will help! Questions? Contact Dana Murn-Kohal, Membership Manager at 800.543.9220 ext 820.

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Finding Speakers For Your Program

The AACD has some valuable resources to help Affiliate organizations locate speakers for their events:  

Work with Sponsors

For AACD Affiliate use only, here's a list of potential vendor contacts from AACD Document Sharing (requires login) who may be interested in exhibiting or sponsoring your event.

AACD Affiliate Logo

Click here to download Affiliate logos from Document Sharing (requires login).

Additional Affiliate Resources

  • Quarterly conference calls for Affiliate leaders to ask each other questions and exchange ideas.
  • Discounted pricing on in-person events and the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry subscriptions.
  • Monthly e-newsletter to affiliate leaders and members.

Above and Beyond

To better recognize those Affiliates who go above and beyond, there are now milestones that Affiliates can acheive to receive additional benefits from the AACD!

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