Accreditation Workshop

The first of the required workshops in the Accreditation process, this course provides an overview of the Accreditation program and the resources available to you.

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Fellowship Workshop

This workshop will assist you with preparation for attaining the highest credential available to members in the Academy.

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Dental Technicians and AACD Accreditation

Learn how the Accreditation process can instill in you more passion and more drive as a technician.

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Direct Composite Veneers

In this 18-lesson 2 CE course, Direct Composite Veneers, Dr. Kevin Brown, AAACD, takes you step by step through his process and all of the specific materials he uses.

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Criteria Workshop

This is the second required workshop in the AACD Accreditation program.

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Advanced Accreditation Workshop

Although not required, this workshop is universally judged as the most helpful step for those members approaching Accredited status.

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Case Type I: AACD 2017 Las Vegas

Systems for predictable outcomes with smile design cases.

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A Focus on Accreditation Case Type II

Accreditation Case Type II tests a clinician’s ability to match one or two indirect porcelain restorations to natural dentition.

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Case Type II: AACD 2017 Las Vegas

Matching one or two indirect restorations to natural dentition.

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Case Type III: AACD 2017 Las Vegas

Replacing a missing tooth in the esthetic zone.

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Case Type III: AACD 2013 Seattle

Learn to design a treatment plan based on evaluating and managing the tissue architecture and techniques.

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Focus on Accreditation Case Type III

Replacing a missing tooth in the esthetic zone

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Case Type IV: AACD 2017 Las Vegas

Predictable techniques to create esthetic interior composite restorations.

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Case Type IV: AACD 2013 Seattle

Learn predictable techniques to create esthetic anterior composite restorations.

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Case Type V: AACD 2018 Chicago

Beautiful, functional and long-lasting composite restorations rarely happen by accident. Much skill is required to achieve Accreditation-level results.

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Case Type V: AACD 2013 Seattle

Smile makeovers using composite bonding.

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Techniques for Accreditation Case Type V

Smile makeover case for Accreditation Case Type V

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Photography for Accreditation

Case documentation for Accreditation.

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Photography Lecture for Accreditation 2017

Perfect images for AACD Accreditation photography

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Become a Preceptor for the AACD Residency Program

Everything you need to know about becoming a preceptor for the AACD Residency Program.

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Credentialing 101

Join Accreditation and Fellowship Chairs, Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD, and Brad Olson, DDS, FAACD, as they talk all things AACD Accreditation.

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