How Patients Think and Make Choices

In this 9-lesson course, Sandy Roth takes you into the mind of the patient, exploring how they come to make decisions.

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Social Media Bootcamp

Dive into all things social media and answer your questions about how social media is working (or not working) for your dental practice.

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Laboratory Dollars and Sense

From finances to marketing, learn everything you need to know to run a successful dental lab.

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Online Reputation Management for Practices

Claim your online identities with action steps and direction that can positively impact your digital branding.

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What Successful Dental Marketers Know

Learn marketing secrets and best practices from the pros that will propel your business to a whole new level!

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Opportunities in Web Marketing

A panel of experts discusses opportunities for your practice in a new era.

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Redefine Your Practice Marketing

New ways to reach patients, create a sales funnel, grow your practice!

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The Power of R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Branding

Learn seven steps to lead your dental practice from brand obscurity to brand notoriety.

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Web & Social Marketing for the Aesthetic Practice

Understand best practices in website design, SEO, social media to attract and convert new cosmetic patients.

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Drive Double Digit Business Growth

Learn the concepts of voice of customer (VOC) relationship research, competitive advantage, relevant selling, and integrated direct marketing

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Media Skills for Building Your Practice

Learn the secrets to being a great media guest and how to apply those secrets when building your practice and presenting to peers.

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Your Image - Your Brand - Your Success

Learn about the science of body language, verbal skills, and the power of visual impact and get inspired by the power of choice to impact your success.

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Marketing Tips from North, East, West and South

Learn powerful marketing tips that can be implemented immediately, discover innovative customer service tips, and own social media!

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Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Cosmetic Dentists

How do you meet today's well-informed patient where they are at and boost your practice's success?

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Social Media Marketing

An Interactive Course to Get Started or Boost Your Existing Efforts.

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Untangling the Web

Ensure you have digital marketing success.

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SEO for the Dental Practice

Join the AACD's marketing experts for a roundtable discussion about SEO! Everything you want to know about leveraging SEO for your practice is here.

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Deconstructing Your Team

Sandy Roth breaks down your dental team and helps to define what each role should be responsible for and how it can help your practice run more effectively and in turn, be more profitable.

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