Reopening Your Dental Practice: Are You Prepared?

Ensure the safety of your patients post-COVID.

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PPE and Protocol for an Invisible Enemy

Discover solutions for the rapidly changing world of dentistry during a global pandemic.

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Bouncing Back to a Comeback

Create, innovate, and communicate about new opportunities during times of change.

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Leadership in the Dental Practice

Define effective leadership in the dental practice to improve your team and patient care.

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Using Virtual Consults in Your Practice

Learn why virtual consults are key to the success of your practice and how they save you time and money.

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A Guide to Disaster Prevention and Recovery

You are not immune. If the unthinkable happens to you, are you prepared, can your practice survive, can it thrive?

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It Starts with You: 8 Steps to Leadership

In this 13-lesson course, learn to lead others and to be seen as a leader.

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Employment Compliance: Today's Risks and Rewards

Discover ways to increase the rewards of being an employer, while reducing the risks.

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Getting Your Dental Mojo Back

During difficult times, prevent burnout with this simple plan.

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How Patients Think and Make Choices

In this 9-lesson course, Sandy Roth takes you into the mind of the patient, exploring how they come to make decisions.

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