Introduction to Dental Photography

This 7-lesson course takes you through the basics of dental photography and how you can get started in your practice.

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The Bio-Emulation Approach

This course addresses classic color concepts, how light interacts with natural tooth structures, and the implications for final tooth shade.

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Introduction to Esthetic Dental Photography

Learn basic photography essentials for the contemporary cosmetic dental practice.

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Set Yourself Apart: Digital Portrait Photography

Learn how to use digital/portrait photography for internal and external marketing.

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Portrait Photography for Dentists and Lab Techs

Take portraits simply and predictably and make ordinary patients look extraordinary.

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Shoot Like A Pro! Dental Photography

Learn equipment and techniques for intraoral photography, shade and color, crosspolarization photography, and laboratory photography.

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Photos for Accreditation Documentation - Workshop

Learn to capture perfect images for AACD Accreditation.

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Photos for Accreditation Documentation - Lecture

Learn photography basics and equipment options and how to perfect images for the AACD Accreditation photography series.

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Photography for the Cosmetic Dentist

Go from beginner to advanced level photographer with this complete "how to" program.

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Portrait Photography: Integral to Your Practice

Learn why and how to take portraits and create a simple studio in your office.

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Digital Photography for the Dental Team

Take your practice to the next level with digital photography.

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Creating Beauty: Headshots Workshop

Experiment with different lighting setups using soft boxes, beauty dishes, diffusers, and studio equipment as you learn all about headshots!

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Technology in the Dental Practice

Become a better and more efficient dentist by staying on the cutting edge of technology.

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The Virtual Lab: Digital Workflow

An overview of the digital dentistry world: The equipment, software and technology available. By Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT

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