The Orthodontic-Restorative Connection

In this 17-lesson course, Dr. Lotardo takes you through the process of adding orthodontic treatment options to your practice.

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Short Term Orthodontics

Clear and relevant information about short-term orthodontics as a conservative and effective cosmetic treatment modality.

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Orthodontics to Preserve Tooth Structure

Learn concepts for no-prep veneers, minimal prep veneers, and smile enhancement after orthodontics.

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Grow your Aligner Business Masterclass

Discover how this masterclass can help you to do the best for your patients and strengthen your aligner business.

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Orthodontic Choices for the Cosmetic Practice

This panel presents three of the most viable options for the cosmetic/general practice dentist to incorporate into their practice.

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Technology in the Dental Practice

Implement cutting-edge technology to improve your dentistry.

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How Has Ortho Changed?

The orthodontic profession has changed in stride with all the changes that have occurred in dentistry in lockstep with how dentists plan their cases.

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Airway Management Resolution

Understand that breathing disorders are much more than apnea.

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Dentoalveolar and Alveoloskeletal Bone

Orthodontic therapy to alter the dentoalveolar and/or alveoloskeletal bone has the potential to optimally position the roots of the teeth for the patients face.

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Restoratively Guided Orthodontics

The restorative orthodontic connection plays a significant role in establishing a comprehensive dental treatment plan.

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