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Congratulations to The AACD Smile Portrait Competition Winners!

May 20, 2021 by†Sarah Dopf

The AACD is proud to congratulate the winners of our 2021†Smile Portrait Competition. Let's get to know the winners as they share with us some of their pearls of knowledge and encouragement.†

Rising Star Winner

Darya Timin, DDS

AACD Sustaining Member

My practice is a small private†practice in Dallas. I do general and cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is my passion and I always try to learn and improve my skills.

I have†been a member†of AACD since 2010. I joined while I was still in dental school and for that, I have to thank†Dr. John Calamia. The Academy is one reason I am the dentist I am today. The yearly meetings and following Accredited†members†through social†media†really opened my eyes to beautiful dentistry, I now know I want to practice for many years to come. The Academy gives me inspiration†and helps me set goals for myself.†

"Communication†is the key to beautiful and long-lasting dentistry."

One of the reasons I like†working†with ceramists at†Frontier Dental Lab is their customer service and how easily approachable they are. I can reach out and communicate with my smile designer at any moment†and that is very valuable to me. In my opinion, communication†is the key to beautiful and long-lasting dentistry.

I also would like to give a special†thank you to Marilyn Calvo and Parihan Tamkin.

IG @dr.darya_timin

Smile Design Aficionado Winner

Steve Barrett, DDS

AACD General Member

I am a founding partner of the privately-owned group practice, Greenberg Dental and Orthodontics.†With 90 offices throughout the state of Florida, our group†of general dentists and specialists are uniquely positioned to deliver to our patients a smile they never dreamed possible.

Working closely with DSG lab in Clearwater, in particular, Rebecca Wade, CDT, Xline Cosmetic Ceramist/Manager, and her talented team, my vision for a new smile can become a reality for my patients.

"I wanted to thank the AACD and all the members who encouraged me to enter the Smile Portrait Competition."

I wanted to thank the AACD and all the members who encouraged me to enter the Smile Portrait Competition. AACD members, Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD,†and Zach Sisler, DDS, AAACD,†have helped me to understand the value of good photography, not only for diagnostic purposes, but also how to use photography to convey the emotion of a brand-new smile.

IG @stevebarrettdds†

Smile Art Winner

Naoki Ned Shimizu, DDS, AAACD

AACD Accredited Member

Shimizu General & Esthetic Dentistry is located in Houston, Texas.Our policy is minimally invasive treatment as much as I can. Cosmetically it gets more difficult to achieve a good result by doing less teeth or less prep, but by saving more tooth structure, veneers, and crowns and your teeth will last longer. We also use a microscope for a more accurate fit of the veneers and crowns. As you probably know, I like photography. I use photos to communicate with the patients.I like nature and wildlife photography the most, but I think being good at any photography or art is very important to be a good cosmetic dentist because there are many things in common. To be a cosmetic dentist, you need to be a good dentist, but on top of it, you need to be an artist.

"To be a cosmetic dentist, you need to be a good dentist but on top of it, you need to be an artist."

I passed AACD Accreditation in 2011. At that time I learned the highly set requirement to pass. Since then, I always try to achieve the requirements. That is what motivates me to study more and practice more. And to check myself, I still use photography to judge my results objectively.

Also, seeing my mentors and friends in AACD's great cases†makes me want to do more. I always ask Dr. Jim Payton questions because he helped me a lot through the Accreditation process. Dr.†Wynn Okuda also helps me a lot. Lastly, every lab has its strong points, and when it comes to†smile design, I think AACD Accredited Fellow Member, Erik Haupt is great, which is why I love working with him.

Thank you to all our AACD Smile Portrait Competition participants. We're looking forward to another awesome competition next year!

Click here, to learn more about the Smile Portrait Competition.

Thank you to our sponsors, Clinician's Choice Dental Products Inc., Natural8 Dental Art

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