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The AACD is Here for You: COVID 19 Resources for You and Your Dental Team

While the AACD's main priority is the welfare of our people, we remain open for business and resolute in delivering on the AACD mission of advancing excellence in the art and science of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and encouraging the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care.

In our 35-year history, we've weathered the storms of 9-11, the War Against Terrorism, and eight recessions. Today, we remain at your service. Our team is operating remotely and communicating with members and stakeholders every weekday. Our boards and committees continue to meet and make future-focused decisions on behalf of our membership

Right now, we want to make sure our members have the resources they need to navigate this unprecedented time. So we've gathered them here and will continue to add to them as they become available. We want to help keep you and your business safe and put the COVID-19 virus behind us, not knowing how much time that will take.

But, the end is in sight, and demand will return.

Thank you for letting the AACD be a part of your world. And when this ends, let's all meet in Colorado for AACD 2021 and celebrate, high-five, hug, and make new friends. Until then, please take care of yourself!

Below, we have provided resource suggestions for navigating through this uncertain time.

The AACD Can Help You Bounce Back!

On average, in 2019 AACD General Member dentists made over $1,000 more per cosmetic dentistry patient than non-members. 
AACD Accredited Member dentists made over $2,500 more per cosmetic dentistry patient than AACD General Member dentists. 
Want to know what else AACD membership could do for you and your practice? Click here, to view AACD member benefits.

LIVE Covid-19 Updates

EBSCO HEALTH | Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source
  • Updates from the CDC and the Coronavirus Task team
  • Federal, State, and local health updates
  • Coronavirus heat map 
  • Clinical portal for research & information

COVID-19 Resources from The AACD

AACD Learning Path
AACD Articles
AACD Webinars
Research - State of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry Survey Report 2019

While times may be tough right now for dental professionals, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2019 State of the Industry Survey supports earlier data that the field of cosmetic dentistry will continue to thrive and grow. The AACD is encouraged to share the results in preparation for the period of recovery and the post-COVID demand surge, which is sure to come.

This survey of dental professionals conducted by the AACD reveals that cosmetic procedures continue to bring life and revenue to dental practices. The survey includes a snapshot of the current dentist and practice demographics, plus promising findings relating to the growth of cosmetic dentistry as a whole and can be used to make informed decisions for your practice.  

Answered FAQs

What would allow my practice to charge more for our services?

What were the most common dental procedures of 2019?

What are some must-have dental tools for 2020?

How do I grow my profit margin?

Should my practice focus more on cosmetic dentistry?

Where is the cosmetic dentistry market going?

Download Now

Rollover/Refund your Conference Registration

If you are currently registered for AACD 2020 Orlando, which has been canceled due to the ongoing threat posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Click here for more information on the conference cancellation and what steps you should take.

Resources for Reopening Your Practice

In many states, dental offices are gearing up to open their doors again, if they have not done so already. Whether you are open for business or still working toward the big day, here are resources to help in your transition to the new normal for dentistry.  Whether you’re in need of marketing advice or just want to hear what your colleagues are doing as they gear up to re-open, it’s all here for you.
Click here, for Reopening Resources. 

Additional COVID-19 Resources

Reach Out to Congress

Demonstrate how dentistry is being negatively affected by COVID-19. Let your Members of Congress know how important the provisions in the final version of the CARES Act are for your dental practice and other small businesses across the country. This is the 3rd Legislative Package that Congress will pass to address the effects of the coronavirus.

Click below and follow the easy directions. Each survey takes approximately 2-3 minutes each:

ADA Get the Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit
  • Get the toolkit, here

ADA Interim Mask and Face Shield Guidelines
  • Access these guidelines, here.

The Open Health Initiative
  • The Aurum Group recently announced its new initiative, Open Health. Open Health is retooling dental manufacturing devices and techniques to produce medical-grade PPE and testing materials to help fight the spread of COVID-19. The full details can be found in the press release here

Additional Webinars



  • An invitation from Dr. Buddy Mopper to join his FREE webinar series, "Composite Power"

Elevate Oral Care

Ivoclar Vivadent


  • Creating a Game Plan for Now and Then: Part 1 – What Now? (April 7th) - View Here

  • Creating a Game Plan for Now and Then: Part 2 – What Then? (April 14th) - View Here

Communication Templates

Golden Proportions

  • Templates on how to communicate with patients and social post ideas

My Social Practice

  • Post these graphics on social media from home to let your patients know you're here! Free COVID-19 Downloads.​​​​​

COVID-19 Survival Guides and Tips


All-Star Dental Academy

  • Coronavirus Survival Kit for Dentists​​​​​​ Including:

    • Videos on: Employment Issues, Practice Management Issues, Technology & Privacy Issues, Training While the Office is Closed, and more

    • Emergency Loans | Small Business Guide and Checklist

    • Articles on How to Maintain Peace and Positivity 

    • Free E-Books & Courses

Dental Post

  • COVID-19 Resources & Projections Covering:

    • Patient Management Resources & Resources for Taking On Emergency Patients During This Time

    • Relief Program News Updates

    • COVID-19 Tracker By State

    • Government & Industry Authorities & Other Trusted Dental Resources

Cain Watters & Associates

  • COVID-19 Resources & News Updates Covering:

    • Managing Cash Flow

    • Staff & Closure Options

    • Recap on Relief Bill, Tax Extensions, and More

    • Corona Virus Impact on Market Volatility

Dental Revenue

Go Local Interactive

Golden Proportions

Infinity Dental Web

  • ​​​​​​Data on the Effect of COVID-19 on Dental Practices

Helpful Articles
The Teeth Blog
Ivoclar Vivadent


Spear Education


Sage Dental Consulting

Theresa Narantic

Mary Osborne

Infinity Dental Web


Dr. Paul Homoly

The AACD Can Help You Bounce Back!

On average, in 2019 AACD General Member dentists made over $1,000 more per cosmetic dentistry patient than non-members. 
AACD Accredited Member dentists made over $2,500 more per cosmetic dentistry patient than AACD General Member dentists. 
Want to know what else AACD membership could do for you and your practice? Click here, to view AACD member benefits.

Additional Educational Resources from the AACD

Earn CE/Refresh Your Clinical Knowledge
  • The AACD is giving complimentary access to the latest edition of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, the AACD’s flagship publication, normally reserved for AACD members only. Click here, to access this issue.

What You Can Do to Help Fight COVID-19

  • Take care of your health by staying home

  • Donate supplies you’re not using to medical facilities testing for COVID-19, like gloves, masks, sanitizer, etc.

For up to date COVID-19 information please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites.




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