Clinical Confidence. Peer Recognition. Personal Honor.

Earning Power. Professional Credibility.

"The time, commitment and dedication that's required to complete the Accreditation process is unrivaled. The sense of achievement that comes with it is indeed life changing. Our Accredited members have so much to be proud of, as they have reached a level of dentistry that is desired by many and achieved by few.

-AACD Accredited Fellow, Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD.
AACD Accredited Members are dental industry thought leaders. They’re esthetic subject matter experts. They’re the authors, the educators, and the mentors. They’re the new rock stars of dentistry because they have Cred.

What is Cred?

It’s the power of credibility and credentials; from Latin credibilis “worthy to be believed.” And when your patients believe in you and your clinical skills—you’re credible—they will be more likely to accept your treatments and tell others about your practice and their exceptional results.
When you get Cred—successfully complete the AACD Accreditation or Fellowship processes—you will gain confidence and give confidence to your patients.

So what is Cred, really?

  • It’s pushing yourself to be your best, always
  • It’s achieving esthetic excellence
  • It’s standing out—dramatically—from generalists
  • It’s limitless personal and professional growth and earning potential
  • It’s developing relationships with your mentor and your passionate AACD family

AACD Accreditation is the only advanced credential in esthetic dentistry. And it’s something you can achieve. It represents a respected protocol that sets the standard for esthetic excellence. And those who have achieved this status use their cred to communicate their remarkable accomplishment and their unique position within the world of cosmetic dentistry. You CAN do this! 
"Everybody is motivated by that piece of paper. You want that title, you want to stand on that stage, and those are valid motivators. But, we will guarantee to anybody who goes through the process, they will look back and say it was the journey. Looking back when the dust settles and the celebration is over, you’ll realize how transformed your practice has become and how much of an impact it has made on your career.” 
-AACD Accredited Fellow, Bradley J. Olson, DDS, FAACD.

The Get Cred Formula:

A proven process and protocol + Educational excellence and high standards + Mentors to guide you along your way = AACD Accreditation


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Research shows AACD member dentists generate 25% more practice production than non-members. In the latest survey, non-members reported total practice revenues of $809,000, while AACD members reported $1.18 million, and AACD Accredited members reported $1.45 million (cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures).