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February 5, 2024 by AACD Executive Office

New this year and included with your tuition, AACD 2024 National Harbor is bringing the experts to you!

Discover how to confidently create, buy, sell, or relocate your practice as you privately meet one-on-one with our experts who will help you to avoid costly mistakes.  Learn the keys to practice efficiency and financial growth. Schedule an appointment for while you’re at the conference, or learn more here.

Join us at AACD 2024 and

  • Discover how to confidently create, buy, sell, or relocate your practice

  • Avoid costly mistakes.

  • Learn the keys to practice efficiency and financial growth.

Book your appointments to shape the future of your practice:

  1. Meet privately with distinguished experts to plan your career or retirement.

  2. Schedule appointments at your convenience during specified hours.

  3. Explore opportunities for increasing capital, building strategy, and maximizing profitability.

Explore all five companies during your time at the AACD conference. Get a sneak peek at each participating company below:

  • Duckett Ladd: Discover the perfect balance between your dental practice and personal life. As dental-focused accountants and growth advisors, they specialize in guiding busy dentists through the complexities of running a successful practice. Duckett Ladd’s holistic approach ensures you have the tools and support needed to thrive, cultivating a future where you can confidently step away from your chair, achieve financial freedom, and embrace the fulfilling career you've worked hard for.

  • Professional Transition Strategies: Confidently navigate your dental practice transition, whether buying, selling, relocating, or leasing; their experts provide comprehensive data for a seamless transition so you can make educated decisions. Professional Transition Strategies offer a no-obligation, perspective diagnosis of your unique situation and will guide you through the process, vetting potential buyers, maintaining professionalism, and ensuring a successful outcome. Focus on your clinic's success while they alleviate stress in your dental practice transition.

  • MB2 Dental: Founded in 2007 in Dallas, offers the benefits of a larger organization while preserving the independence of owning your practice. As America's first Dental Partnership Organization, MB2 partners with dentists and specialists nationwide to create a community where you can grow professionally without relinquishing control. Enjoy the benefits of partnering with a larger organization and access to capital while maintaining the independence you love about owning your own practice.

  • Cain Watters & Associates/NDP: Is a dental transition firm established in 1984. With a comprehensive approach, they offer practice listing, valuation, and consulting services to dentists nationwide. Cain Watters & Associates/NDP understands that transitions are personal milestones, so they engage fully with each client, providing diligence and care for peace of mind. Their financial and valuation analysts team is committed to being your ally for a successful dental practice transition.

  • Productive Dentist Academy (PDA): Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) provides global dental workshops, coaching, marketing, and business consulting. Dr. Baird and Dr. Peterson bring over 30 years of experience to deliver proven strategies, achieving 10X multiples upon transition. PDA empowers dentists to optimize profitability, enhance patient experiences, and foster confident leadership. With tailored solutions, they address challenges and guide dentists toward sustainable success while maintaining a balanced, fulfilling professional and personal life.

Book your appointments to shape the future of your practice. Seize this opportunity to soar to new heights and take advantage of this complimentary service.

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