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How to Dig Deeper Into Education That's Relevant to You

March 9, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

Introducing AACD Learning Paths

If you're an AACD member, you are likely aware of all the educational opportunities available to you. From the AACD Virtual Campus, a repository of digital courses, whitepapers, and on-demand lectures, to the archive of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, an award-winning peer-reviewed quarterly publication showcasing the latest information on current esthetic treatments, techniques, clinical cases, and research, we offer many opportunities to expand your knowledge and procure continuing education credit. But, until recently, navigating the resources available to you has been a "DIY" effort. Now, we've made it easy with customized education that gets you where you need to go with AACD-curated content that allows you to dig deeper into the topics that are relevant to you. Whether you follow learning paths from beginning to end or drop in on the courses and articles that are most helpful to you, take the guesswork out of your continuing education with a roadmap for success so you won't have to go it alone. Whatever your learning style, each learning path has custom content curated specifically for you.

"A Learning Path is a selection of courses tied together for learners to progress through, mastering a particular subject or program." ~LearnUpon

Learning Path: Practice Management 101

If you are interested in developing a better understanding of the principles of practice management, this learning path is for you. Digital courses in this path run the gamut from Critical Communications to Lessons in Leadership, to Success Strategies to Increase Patient Flow, Cash Flow, and Profitability. If it's related to improving your practice, your team, or your leadership, it's here. Articles in this path include "Building the Esthetic Team" and "Is Your Practice Moving Toward a Destination You've Chosen?" To access all of the AACD's content geared toward managing your practice, navigating regulations, communicating better, and leadership, click here.

Learning Path: Best Practice Marketing

If you are a cosmetic dentist looking to improve how you promote your practice, this learning path is for you. With the resources collected here, you'll come away with a better understanding of best practice marketing tools that will help you grow your practice and keep a forward momentum in building relationships with your patients. Begin with Media Skill for Building Your Practice to learn the secrets to being a great media guest and how to apply those secrets when building your practice, presenting to peers, and even on TV. On-camera exercises and critique will improve your media savvy and create a confident, solid performance. Apply these skills in your professional and personal life, and find out what producers look for and how to stand out. Move on to What Successful Dental Marketers Know (And What You Should, Too), to learn marketing secrets and best practices from the pros that will propel your business to a whole new level. Panelists include both successful dentists and marketers. And if you are interested in online and social media marketing, check out Web & Social Media Marketing for the Aesthetic Practice. Through these courses and more, you will come away with a plan to drive patients to your practice and encourage practice growth year after year. Along with marketing resources from the AACD Newsroom and Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, this marketing path will allow you to reach your goals, grow your practice, and improve patient retention. To access all of AACD's marketing educational offerings, start with the Best Practice Marketing Learning Path.

"The AACD is a great source for education and clinical improvement." ~Marshall Hanson, DDS, FAACD

New Learning Paths are Being Created Now!

At this time, the AACD has created learning paths for dental professionals interested in Digital Dental Photography, Critical Elements of Smile Design, Best Practice Marketing, and Practice Management 101, and new learning paths are being created with your end goals in mind. Whether you want to earn CE credit or just bolster a particular skill, AACD has you covered. If you learn best by interacting with a digital course, reading a peer-reviewed article, or scrolling through clinical blogs, AACD learning paths won't let you down. 

To start your journey on an AACD Learning Path, click here. Want to learn about all the other benefits of AACD membership? Click here. Ready to join? Do it today.


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