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46 Begin Accreditation Journey by Passing Written Exam

July 11, 2017 by AACD Executive Office

This year the Accreditation Written Examination was administered during the annual scientific session in Las Vegas.  Congratulations to the following people who made the commitment to excellence and successfully passed the Accreditation Written Examination, the first step in the AACD Accreditation process.

We congratulate:

Benjamin D. Ahlbrecht, DDS
Hanadi Alenezi
Kenneth J. Allen, DMD
Jeffery G. Allred, DDS
George M. Andrews, DDS
Marwan Atrouni, DDS
Christian A. Brandyberry, DMD
Joy Brauer, DDS
Scott W. Brodie, DMD
Duane P. Delaune, DDS
Talal Dimachki, DDS
Elijah Ed, DMD
Carlos Falcao, MSC
Jeremy M. Frith
Mark A. Hansen, DMD
Ethan D. Harris, DMD
Kellie A. Harris, DDS
Christopher Hatae, DDS
Jesper Hatt
Timothy J. Hoeschen, DMD
Eric Hull, DDS
Joan Jakubas
David C. James, DMD
Justine Kelley, DMD
Sean Aaron Leavitt, CDT
Vinutha Manjunath, MDS
Bettina T. McBeth, DMD
Mika Miyamoto, DMD
Knut Moldenes, DDS
Margaret P. Neal-Stubblefield, DDS
Sean P. Parsonage, BDS
Hawazen Radwan
Harry Ringer, DDS
Keerti S. Sahasrabudhe, DDS
Tammy M. Sarles, DMD
Ninal Shah, BDS
Alex Shalman, DDS
T Phillip Shin, DDS
Maciej Sielski, DDS
Lawrence D. Singer, DMD
Therese Susienka, DMD
Alexander W. Tsui, DMD
Akshay Vij, BDS
Toan T. Vo, DMD
Michael A. Weiss, DDS
Nick C. Yiannios, DDS



We wish you all the best on your rewarding journey
through AACD Accreditation!

Are you ready for a journey filled with education, camaraderie and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment? Then take the first step and sign up for the written examination today. The exam is being administered at a testing center near you beginning in August or can be taken at AACD 2018 in Chicago.  


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