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What’s Good for You is Good for Business!

March 27, 2018 by AACD Executive Office

By John F. Weston, DDS, FAACD

Making the decision to begin the Accreditation process with the AACD is not normally a business decision but more of a personal growth or achievement goal. However, I personally experienced incredible growth in my practice that correlates exactly with becoming Accredited in the AACD, and I’m sure you would experience these additional benefits as well!
The credential is designed to train your eyes to the subtle details of natural tooth characteristics that allow restorations to blend seamlessly with natural teeth. This is something that becomes difficult to separate from your everyday clinical cosmetic practice. The dentistry provided by Accredited AACD Members tends to forever be judged by Accreditation standards. I started to look at every anterior case and automatically grade the case, seeing things I may not have noticed before and deciding if the case is successful or not.  
The unexpected benefit of using your AACD Accreditation trained eye on every case is increased confidence. When you discuss cosmetic treatment options with patients, you have more confidence knowing that you can provide a predictable, high quality product. Your patients can sense that confidence. This subtle change in confidence often results in higher case acceptance and can even increase the number of cases you present.

Your patients can sense that confidence. This subtle change in confidence often results in higher case acceptance and can even increase the number of cases you present.

I experienced the same growth again after achieving Accredited Fellow status. I brought my team along to see me walk across the stage to accept my credential during the Celebration of Excellence at the annual AACD meeting, which had an amazing impact on me and my entire office.
The unexpected benefits of bringing your team along to witness your accomplishment at the scientific session is the team becomes educated at the meeting and engaged in the process of delivering quality cosmetic dentistry to your patients. They better understand what it takes to grow esthetic dentistry successfully in a practice and the message of your achievements gets shared over and over with patients for many months, if not years, to come.
I think most Accredited members are not expecting these secondary benefits. AACD credentialed members I talk to have all seen a very positive impact on their businesses as a whole and were pleasantly surprised. I think this unexpected consequence is deserved and worth mentioning.
You simply cannot put a price on the value the credential can bring to you and your practice, so expect the unexpected and get ready to be rewarded in many ways. Becoming an Accredited member in the AACD is good for you, your patients, your team and your business!

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