Productive Dentist Academy Celebrates 20 Years of Transforming
Dental Practices & Announces 2024 PDA Conference 

Dentists and Dental Professionals Invited to Frisco, Texas, to Improve Their Systems,
Boost Communication, & Enhance Their Practice Management Skills


Productive Dentist Academy (PDA), proudly marks its 20th anniversary this year, celebrating two decades of empowering dental professionals to achieve business excellence and optimal patient care. To commemorate this milestone, PDA is excited to announce the 20th Anniversary PDA Conference, scheduled for September 12-14, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Frisco, Texas.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Dr. Victoria Peterson, PDA has dedicated itself to transforming dental practices by addressing inefficiencies that hinder growth and value potential. Over the past 20 years, PDA has provided thousands of dentists with the tools and strategies needed to overcome business roadblocks, resulting in improved patient care, enhanced work-life balance, and sustainable practice growth. PDA’s impact is reflected in the success stories of dental practices nationwide, many of which have experienced remarkable growth in both revenue and operational efficiency.

“The heart of our celebration lies in the countless lives we’ve touched and practices we’ve grown over the past two decades,” says PDA Co-founder Dr. Bruce B. Baird. “Our success is reflected in the enhanced lives of both dentists and their patients, and we are honored to celebrate this milestone with our PDA community.”

The PDA Conference, in Frisco, Texas, promises to be an enriching event, bringing together dental professionals from across the country for three days of advanced training, networking, and celebration. The conference will feature presentations by industry leaders, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions focused on the latest advancements in dental practice management. 

Highlights of the PDA Conference include:
  • Engaging Keynotes: Inspiring talks from renowned experts in the dental profession.
  • Practical Workshops: Exciting sessions offering actionable strategies for practice improvement.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and thought leaders to share experiences and insights
  • Innovative Sessions: Explore cutting-edge techniques and tools to enhance practice efficiency and patient care.

“This two-and-a-half-day session is the kick off to world renowned coaching that increases productivity $300 per hour. Offices average a $250,000 increase in revenue during their first year of coaching with PDA,” says PDA Co-founder & CEO Dr. Victoria Peterson. “The PDA Conference offers hands-on workshops and expert-led breakouts, and we’re excited to provide an environment where dental professionals can align their team systems, reclaim their time, and achieve their personal and professional goals.”

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About Productive Dentist Academy (PDA)
Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) is an award-winning dental business and marketing consulting firm based in Anacortes, WA. At PDA, we know independent dentists are uncertain about the future of private practice and are concerned there may be no other option than to sell to a dental service organization (DSO). That's why PDA built the Investment Grade Practice™ platform to be the advocate and level the playing field so independent dentists can optimize profitability, improve patient experience, and align teams to the dentist's core vision. Founded in 2004, employee-owned PDA empowers thousands of dentists internationally so they can make confident decisions as a leader, re-engage their passion, and achieve financial and personal satisfaction. For more information, call 800-757-6077, email, or visit

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