Seiler Medical showcased their 3D surgical microscopes at the AACD and how it overcomes Your Pain Points.


Seiler Medical had a productive show while attending the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dane Carlson and Chris Tomchik had the opportunity to connect with many attendees from across the nation while discussing the benefits of Seiler’s new 3D surgical Microscope. Below are just a few of the Pain Points they were educating everyone on. 

Pain Point 1: Precision and Accuracy in Procedures: The 3D Seiler microscope offers unparalleled magnification and three-dimensional visualization, allowing you to see dental structures in remarkable detail. This enhanced view enables precise manipulation of materials and tools, ensuring optimal fit and finish for cosmetic restorations. By improving accuracy, the microscope helps you achieve superior aesthetic results and reduces the likelihood of remakes or adjustments.

Pain Point 2: Physical Strain and Ergonomic Issues: The ergonomic design of the 3D Seiler microscope helps alleviate physical strain by allowing you to maintain a more natural and comfortable posture. With its advanced optics, you can perform detailed work without needing to bend or twist awkwardly. This improvement in ergonomics not only enhances your comfort but also boosts your focus and stamina, enabling you to deliver high-quality care consistently.

Pain Point 3: Effective Patient Communication: The 3D Seiler microscope’s ability to capture and display high-resolution images and videos allows you to visually explain dental conditions and treatment options to your patients. This visual aid helps demystify the process, making it easier for patients to understand and trust your recommendations. Enhanced communication fosters better patient cooperation and satisfaction, leading to more successful treatment outcomes.

Pain Point 4: Complexity of Advanced Procedures: The detailed 3D visualization offered by the Seiler microscope enhances your ability to perform intricate procedures with high precision. For instance, during implant placement, you can achieve exact positioning and alignment, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring better integration with the jawbone. 

Conclusion: The 3D Seiler microscope addresses several critical pain points in cosmetic dentistry by enhancing precision, improving ergonomics, facilitating patient communication, enabling complex procedures, and supporting continuous education and research efforts. By integrating this advanced tool into your practice, you can overcome these challenges effectively, leading to better patient outcomes, increased satisfaction, and a more rewarding professional experience.

“We enjoyed spending time with the attendees and are excited to offer AACD members the opportunity to demo the scope in office for a 30-day trial or see the 3D microscope in action through a virtual demonstration. Seiler will also offer a discounted rate for all AACD members.”

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Key features include:
•    No Binocular Head
•    Easy to Use
•    Direct Vision
•    Perfect Ergonomics
•    Big Field of View
•    Large Depth of Field
•    No Latency

It has so much versatility many different magnifications, and ergonomically perfect. I use it for everything." ~Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FICOI, FAACD

 "You don't know what you can't see. Having the 3D microscope has enabled me to fine-tune my restorative procedures to the highest level." ~Amanda Seay, FAACD, FAGD

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