These Stars Will Shine Bright in Texas

October 18, 2022 byAACD Executive Office

With more than 35 hands-on workshops and more than 10 lectures, AACD Texas 2023 will feature90 continuing education credits brought to you by some of the brightest stars in the dental universe, and it starts with three awesome main stage headliners!

Friday, April 28

Kicking things off on Friday, Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, will rock the conference with Intermediate Dentin Sealing: The 4th Dimension in Adhesive Denistry.This presentation will explain thefundamental principles of dentin bonding toestablish the ideal adhesive system and itsoptimal application mode. When usingsemi-(in)direct and indirect bondedrestorations, a specific protocol is required,which involves applying the dentin adhesiveand resin coating the tooth reparation beforemaking the final impression for inlays/onlays/veneers and dentin-bonded crowns.

Later that day, Sam Alawie, MDT, will wow you with Photography Driven Case Design: A Fully Digital Approach to Designing Anterior Porcelain Reconstructions.Better understand the importance of havinga proper initial photography protocol andhow it translates to the master design formost smile reconstruction cases. This initialdigital design produces extremely valuableinformation for dental technicians before thecase begins. We will cover the basics intaking proper photography so thatpredictable digital design can be achievedwith precise measurements.

Saturday, April 29

Hitting the mainstage on Saturday, Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, who will get down and dirty inIntegrating Minimally InvasiveConcepts in ComplexTreatment Plans.Clinicians are oftenfaced with patient presentations that gobeyond the simple decision of, does atooth need a restoration or not? Thosemore difficult decisions often involve thedecision to retain and restore aquestionable tooth or teeth, or extractand place an implant.

You will not want to miss these awesome headliners, or the many Accreditation Track, orsession and lecture speakers lined up to help you go further, faster. Learn more and register today!

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