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Recommended Study Materials for the AACD Accreditation Written Examination

The following list of books, journals and more is a selection of recommended study materials by the Written Exam Committee to help both dentists and laboratory technicians prepare for the AACD Accreditation Written Examination. Sample examinations are available for dentists and lab technicians on the AACD website. If you require assistance in any particular subject matter, which will be noted after a given sample exam, this listing of study materials can help guide you in related subject matter and assistance. Before purchasing books from this listing, check with a local dental school library to see if they have these books available to borrow.

Please note—questions for the Accreditation Written Examination come from multiple resources. Not all resources will be covered on this listing.



Additional tools to help guide you in your preparation of the Accreditation Written Examination and the Accreditation process: