Photographic-Assisted Treatment Planning

Use elements of smile design, prosthodontics, and occlusion to create a system to organize treatment planning for comprehensive dental care.

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Minimally Invasive Concepts of Smile Design

Learn minimally invasive concepts of smile design in the digital era from Priya Tirumalasetty, DDS, AAACD.

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The Diagnostic Wax-Up: Dental Anatomy

Learn to apply the esthetic components of the proposed treatment plan via a diagnostic wax-up

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Smile design technology for predictable outcomes

How to transform Smile Design into reality with chairside, in-office 3D design and 3D print

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Smile Design - Predictability

In this 13-lesson course worth 1 CE, Dr.Mistry lays down a systematic approach for an aesthetic examination and the subsequent analysis.

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Copy-Paste Dentistry and the Power of Overlapping

In this course worth 1 CE, Dr. Christian Coachman takes you through the basics of Smile Design.

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Digital Smile Design Concept: Christian Coachman

Design a smile that fits the patient’s functional, esthetic, and emotional needs by improving team communication.

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Confident Smile vs. Perfect Smile

Need short description here.

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Designing the Perfect Smile

Understand the decision tree in the diagnosis and treatment of posterior direct and indirect restorations.

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Invisalign: The New Restorative Powerhouse

See how simple alignment, whitening, and bonding incisal edges can harmonize the anatomy to provide a totally non-invasive smile makeover.

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Smile Design: Accreditation Case Type I

Incorporate specific principles into the diagnostic and treatment phases of smile design cases.

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Smile Rehabilitation Masterclass

Need a short description here.

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Anterior Esthetic Challenges

Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, offers unconventional approaches to patients with significant anterior esthetic issues.

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Predictable Outcomes

Clinical systems that allow dentist and team to diagnose, work-up, and treat smile design cases that result in optimal outcomes.

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Smile Makeovers Using Composite Bonding

Improve your ability to achieve maximum function and ideal esthetics with composite bonding.

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Transform your practice w/ smile design technology

Create smile designs easier, faster, and more realistic - just like your patients like it!

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Technology in the Dental Practice

See how implementing new technologies improves your smile design.

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Preparation Guides in Esthetic Cases

Streamline with preparation guides.

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The Virtual Lab: Digital Workflow

An overview of the digital dentistry world: The equipment, software and technology available. By Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT

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