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How Patients Think and Make Choices
with Sandy Roth, PhD
In this 9-lesson course, How Patients Think and Make Choices, Sandy Roth takes you into the mind of the patient, exploring how they come to make decisions. 

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Free Download: 20 Easy Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice on Social Media
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Introducing the answer to the #1 question cosmetic dental practices have about social media: “What should I post?” and “How does this help grow my practice?” If you don’t know where to begin, start with these 20 simple things you can do to build your online presence and help new patients find you.

Getting started with dental digital marketing is easier than you think, and it doesn’t require a large time investment. Try one of these 20 tips per day, and you’ll discover how social media grows your reach, builds relationships, and enhances your reputation where it matters most.
In this ebook, we simply explain concepts like how to:

•    Create content
•    Raise your visibility
•    Maintain an active presence
•    Optimize, learn, and GROW

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