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The smile is our chosen
field of expertise; our life's work.


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Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by
AACD Accredited Fellow Member
Susan Hollar, DDS, FAACD
with Laboratory Technician, Rhonda Cook

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It’s more than a smile.
It’s light, levity, kindness,
and compassion.


Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD Accredited Fellow Member
Kathy Sanders, DMD, FAACD

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We don't just recreate
a smile; we recreate

Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD Accredited Fellow Member
Tara Hardin, DDS, FAACD

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Copy-Paste Dentistry and the Power of Overlapping

with Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT

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What's Cosmetic
Dentistry to an
AACD dentist?
It's more than a pretty smile. 
AACD dentists pledge to practice responsible esthetics & promote overall oral health & function.

AACD Con•tin•u•um Spotlight

This hands-on course will demonstrate techniques for improving the quality and consistency of clinical photography. Participants will learn photography fundamentals such as basic camera knowledge, equipment options, and how to produce the highest quality images for Accreditation.  In addition, framing, magnification, and the 12 views for Accreditation success will be discussed.  Participants should bring their camera, mirror and plastic lip retractors.

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Member Benefit Spotlight

Accreditation Written Exam open at Scantron Locations
AACD members can take the Accreditation Written Exam at one of the more than 400 Scantron locations worldwide. Choose a location that's convenient for you, August 1 through December 30 and you'll be on your way to completing the first step in AACD’s Accreditation process! 

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