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Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Free Featured ArticlePost-Orthodontic Restorative Solution: Conservative Techniques with Direct Composite Bonding

By  Kevin M. Brown, DDS, AAACD

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With the popularity and success of clear aligner therapy and orthodontist recommendations, many adult patients are consulting with restorative dentists on conservative and affordable treatment options for their post orthodontic smile enhancement needs and wishes. 
As a result, restorative dentists are seeing direct composite bonding in the anterior segment as an increasingly popular treatment choice to improve the smiles of their patients. Although it might be more challenging technically, the direct deposit bonding procedure—when performed utilizing sound principles and the proper esthetic materials—allows for predictable results in a noninvasive, conservative, and economical manner that often does not require anesthesia. Equally important, it produces happy, satisfied, and grateful patients with beautiful smiles.

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