2023 AACD Evy Award Winners

May 2, 2023 by AACD Executive Office

The AACD Celebration of Excellence Award statuette has been dubbed “The Evy,” in honor of the late Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans, who was the creative force behind the award’s design.
Since 1988, the AACD has publicly recognized dental professionals who make a difference to the Academy, the profession, and to their communities. The AACD honors its most accomplished and dedicated professionals with Evy Awards. Evy recipients are first nominated for the award by their colleagues and then are selected by the AACD Awards and Recognition Committee. Evy Award winners represent the most exemplary and talented individuals within the AACD who are dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry at the highest standards of ethical patient care.

The Evy recipients were acknowledged at the AACD 2023 Texas Celebration of Excellence. At the conference, the category they had won an Evy Award for was announced.


Tanya DeSanto Humanitarian Evy Award

Tanya Lea DeSanto, DDS, was awarded the Humanitarian Evy Award. This award is given to an AACD Member who has made outstanding contributions to charitable and philanthropic causes.  
Dr. DeSanto was acknowledged for being the first dentist to visit Gonaives, Haiti, in 80 years. When she became aware of the need for dental care in the northern part of the country, Dr. DeSanto mentored a dentist in Haiti who then took over the dental needs of the people in Gonaives, helping thousands of people live free of pain, and introducing preventive care for residents for many years to come. Her contribution to the people of Gonaives embodies the true spirit of AACD’s vision to further excellence in education in order to provide a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Newton Fahl jCD Evy Award

Newton Fahl Jr., DDS, MS, was awarded the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Evy Award. This Award is given to the primary author of an original jCD article published within the established year that is determined the best of the year. 

Dr. Fahl is a well-known and award-winning dentist and educator who has published extensively on direct and indirect bonding techniques, and is also on the editorial board of several peer-reviewed journals. He is a legend in the cosmetic dentistry world, and his talent is undeniable and admired by many. Dr. Fahl is an educational cornerstone at the AACD’s Annual Scientific Sessions, and the AACD was greatly honored to announce his achievement.

Ross Nash Lifetime Achievement Evy Award

Ross Nash, DDS, FAACD, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Evy Award. This award is given to an outstanding professional within the Academy who has made significant, long-standing contributions over their lifetime to the field of cosmetic dentistry. 
Dr. Nash has provided outstanding cosmetic dental education programs to many, and has been a fierce advocate for cosmetic dentistry. His down-to-earth teaching style has encouraged dental students to become their best, all the while emphasizing step-by-step details. Dr. Nash is known for always presenting a complete landscape of his work which includes beautiful outstanding cases, as well as the dramatic failures.

“Don’t start developing a cosmetic dental practice for the money.  If money is your motivation, you will become frustrated and will not become very good at it. Your passion needs to be your motivation.” -Dr. Nash

Matthew Roberts Education Evy Award

Matthew R. Roberts, CDT, AAACD, was awarded the Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry Evy Award. This award is given to an AACD member that, through their efforts as an educator, has advanced the art and science of cosmetic dentistry.  
Dr. Roberts was acknowledged for being an innovator, mentor, and educator for many years in the field of dental technology and esthetic dentistry. He has shaped the way the dental industry works to provide excellent dentistry and has tackled some of the most complex cases. Because of this, technicians and dentists from all over the world reach out to him for clinical guidance. He’s been generous with his willingness to share his knowledge, teaching others through lecturing and courses throughout his career.

“I have learned so much working with Matt, and have also watched him teach others the skills needed to provide outstanding cosmetic results to their clinics and patients. As a dedicated professional Matt Roberts has shaped the way we as an industry work to provide excellent dentistry.” - Nominator

Diana Tadros Rising Star Evy Award

Diana Tadros, DDS, AAACD, was awarded the Dr. Nathaniel D. Hill Rising Star Evy Award. This award is given to an AACD member who is emerging in the industry and shows the greatest leadership potential for the AACD or in cosmetic dentistry in general. 
Dr. Tadros was acknowledged for presenting outstanding educational workshops worldwide about exocad digital workflows, along with being a true ambassador for the AACD Accreditation process. Many colleagues and friends of hers have come forward to say how Dr. Tadros truly cares about her colleagues and is generous with her time and knowledge.  

Quint Whipple Outstanding Service Evy Award

Quint Whipple, CDT, was awarded The Outstanding Service & Mentoring Award, which is given to an AACD member who has shown outstanding service to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or via the time and effort they have devoted to serving as an ambassador for the Academy through dedicated leadership or by serving individual members of the Academy as a mentor/new member advisor.

Mr. Whipple was acknowledged for his four terms as a board director and for the countless hours he has served the Academy. He used his time and talents to help serve the AACD’s most impactful committees and has never been shy about standing up for what he believes. 

Congratulations to these outstanding individuals who have inspired others and have continued to pursue excellence in the art and science of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. 

For more information about AACD Evy Awards, please visit www.aacd.com/evy-awards



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