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Welcome Authors. Here we provide information and links about the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry’s policies and resources to guide authors through the submission process.

Who we are: The peer-reviewed Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (jCD) publishes multidisciplinary clinical and technical features. It is committed to the dissemination of new information and knowledge relevant to dentistry and connects how art and science work together through responsible esthetics. Hence, clinicians will be inspired to offer their patients the best and most responsible treatments possible.

The jCD’s comprehensive readership consists of dentists, lab technicians, dental educators, dental teams, students, universities, and decision-making manufacturers in 60 different countries.  The AACD’s spirit of educating respected clinical esthetic treatment skills, networking with like-minded colleagues, and building fruitful esthetic dental practices is found throughout the jCD.

Why publish with jCD? This incomparable journal offers tip articles, interviews, visual essays, clinical application, and clinical research articles that help our readers meet patients’ expectations. We pride ourselves on high-quality images and personal publishing assistance. Published both in print and digital format, you will find bonus video and audio in the digital version.

We are an organization that complements and perpetuates the process of education. For us, the learning and exploring of our field have never stopped, and it’s led us to believe that responsible esthetics means dealing in a beauty that’s more than skin-deep. It means striving for a smile that connects. Resonates. Rings like a bell. We are grateful that you are offering your expertise that allows us to do this.

Thank you. Authors should read and follow the guidelines before submitting to jCD. After preparing your manuscript for peer-review, please submit your manuscript using our online submission service at

Thank you,
jCD Editorial Staff
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