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You'll hear AACD Accredited members say it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. But what do they really mean? What is Accreditation REALLY about?

  • It's about limitless professional growth and earning potential
  • It's about pushing yourself to be your best, always
  • It's about developing relationships, with your mentor and your like-minded and driven dental community
At the end of the day, AACD Accreditation is about confidence. Gaining confidence in yourself and in your clinical skills, and inspiring confidence in your patients.

Membership Types

Clinical Memberships
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years

An individual who has graduated from a four-year dental program through an accredited dental school and holds a dental license. Typically, but is not limited to performing dental and oral health care prevention and maintenance services like, cavity fillings and root canals. 


$925 ($145 savings)

$1,330 ($275 savings

Laboratory Technicians or Owners
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years

An individual who manufactures dental prosthetics, such as bridges, crowns, and dentures according to the specification sent by the dentist or owns a company that performs this type of work.


$925 ($145 savings)

$1,330 ($275 savings

Recent Graduate Dentist
1st & 2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year

An individual who has graduated within the last 5 years from a four-year dental program through an accredited dental school in the United States or internationally.






Educational Memberships
Full-Time Faculty

An individual who is part of the teaching staff of an accredited university or college, full-time.


An individual who is in a General Practice Residency (GPR) program or full-time post-doctoral program. This includes any U.S. dental programs for international dentists seeking a U.S. dental degree. 

Dental Student

An individual who is registered as a full-time dental student in a World Health Organization Professional School leading to a dental doctorate degree (DDS, DMD, BDSc, etc. or a CDT degree). Please note, this rate is only available to students working toward their above stated dental degree.

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Professional Staff Memberships

An individual who assesses the oral health of patients, performing teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, assisting the dentist, and taking and developing radiographs.


Dental Assistant

An individual who increases the efficiency of the dentist in the delivery of quality oral health.


Office Personnel 

An individual that assumes numerous administrative roles, including receptionist, appointment scheduler, accounting, and billing.


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Corporate Memberships
Corporate Gold


Corporate Silver


Corporate Bronze




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