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AACD Membership

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AACD Members are often dental industry thought leaders. They’re esthetic subject matter experts. They’re the authors, the educators, and the mentors. They’re the rock stars of dentistry. The AACD offers you the opportunity to become part of an exclusive group of dedicated cosmetic dentists and laboratory technicians. 

Research shows AACD member dentists generate 25% more practice production than non-members. In the latest survey, non-members reported total practice revenues of $809,000, while AACD members $1.18 million, and AACD Accredited members reported $1.45 million (cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures).

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What membership will do for you:

  • Inspiration to push yourself to be your best, always
  • Esthetic excellence through comprehensive education
  • A way to stand out from generalists and wannabees
  • Personal and professional growth and earning potential
  • Meaningful relationships with your passionate AACD family
  • The opportunity to achieve clinical confidence, personal honor, and professional credibility through   AACD Accreditation, the only advanced credential in esthetic dentistry

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A Good Career, Business, and Financial Decision!

Research shows that AACD member dentists generate
25% more practice production than non-members. 



The Only Advanced Credential in Esthetic Dentistry


You'll hear AACD Accredited members say it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. But what do they really mean? What is Accreditation REALLY about?

  • It's about limitless professional growth and earning potential
  • It's about pushing yourself to be your best, always
  • It's about developing relationships, with your mentor and your like-minded and driven dental community
At the end of the day, AACD Accreditation is about confidence. Gaining confidence in yourself and in your clinical skills, and inspiring confidence in your patient

Please call 800.543.9220 Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm CT or email us at membership@aacd.com. Prefer to join over the phone? We’re happy to help!
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