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About AACD

AACD Board of Directors

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry and encouraging the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care among cosmetic dentists.

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       Sal Lotardo Tanya DeSanto, DDS General Member      Marilyn Calvo      Elizabeth Bakeman 

Salvatore Lotardo, DDS, AAACD

David Chan, DMD, AAACD
President- Elect
Marilyn Calvo, DDS, AAACD
Vice President
Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS, FAACD
Immediate Past President
        Dane Barlow
John Calamia

Dane Barlow
Laboratory Member

John Calamia, DMD
University Representative

Brian K. Dennis, DDS, AAACD
Accredited Member

Errin DePalma, DDS
General Member


Alexander H. Nguyen, DDS, AAACD
Accredited Member
Chet C. Spivey
Corporate Member
Parihan Tamkin, DDS
General Member
Priya Tirumalasetty, DDS, AAACD
Accredited Member
Raechel Resch
     Barbara Kachelski,  MBA, CAE Staff Liaison Executive Director
Gregory B. Wright, DDS, FAACD
Fellow Member 

David Yoshimaru, DDS
General Member

Maureen Braatz
Staff Liaison
Executive Coordinator

Barbara Kachelski, 
Staff Liaison
Executive Director


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