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AACD Accreditation & Fellowship

AACD Accreditation

Accreditation Process

* Viewing these two required courses online does count as an attendance credit. If you watch the courses online, please email credentialing@aacd.com upon completion of either course to verify credit. ​

Written Examination Application
Written Examination Prep Course
Study Materials
Sample Examinations (Online Only)
Subject Breakdown


After all clinical cases have passed, candidate receives invitation to oral examination

Clinical case submission deadline dates are June 1 and November 1 of each year. All cases must be submitted by 5:00 pm central time on any given deadline date. If cases are completed after 5:00 pm central time on deadline day, they will be held until the following submission deadline. 

12 Accreditation Required Views
Accreditation Protocol for Dentists (PDF)
Accreditation Protocol for Lab Techs (PDF)


The Accreditation Oral Examination is an opportunity for the dentist/ lab technician to verify and authenticate passed casework and treatment planning abilities. The candidate may be asked questions about case selection, diagnosis and treatment planning, or materials and techniques on any of their passed clinical case submissions. Knowledge should clearly demonstrate a familiarity and understanding of these cases. The candidate will also be presented with information regarding a pre-selected case. Adequate time will be allowed for the individual to formulate a treatment plan, which will then be shared and discussed. Additional questions may be asked that cover related topics considered relevant by the examiners.

Eligibility for Appearance at the Oral Examination
To take the oral examination at the next given date, the following requirements must be met:

  • The dentist must have passed all five required clinical cases/lab technicians must have passed all three required clinical cases
  • Attended at least half of the annual scientific sessions, beginning with the session or testing center that the dentist/lab technician took and passed the written examination
  • Application, fee, and external flashdrive must be received at the AACD Executive Office by the specified date. The fee is $550 for members and $775 for non-members (USD) and is non-refundable.
  • The dentist/lab technician may defer appearance for the oral examination as long as all three phases of the Accreditation process are completed within the time limit. If the oral examination is postponed in writing at least two months in advance an administrative fee of $125 (USD) must be paid to reschedule. If the oral examination is postponed with less than two months notice, the fee will be forfeited.

Guidelines for Appearance at the Oral Examination
Dress professionally and be on time. You should be completely familiar with the clinical cases. 

Clinical Cases and Documentation

  • The examiners will have a copy of the report you submitted at time of clinical case examination. We strongly encourage you to become intimately familiar with the nuances of your written reports and clinical cases prior to arriving for your oral examination.
  • Notes are not acceptable during your oral examination. You are expected to know the facts for each and every case. 
  • Your flash drive received at time of application will remain on file at the AACD Executive Office. 

Grading: Pass/Fail
Pass: With the successful completion of the oral examination, a dentist/lab technician becomes an Accredited Member of the AACD.

Fail: A dentist/lab technician may retake the oral examination one time immediately following the expiration of their five-year time period and must successfully pass the next time the oral examination is administered. A second failure at the oral examination terminates the Accreditation process. Submission of a new written examination application is required to begin the Accreditation process again.


Receive your award at next Annual AACD Scientific Session.