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The resources listed below serve to help guide and direct you in your Accreditation journey. 
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Case Type Guide  
Is this the right case type for Accreditation?
Learn more with AACD's case type reference.

NEW Offering - The Written Exam Prep Course!

Join AACD’s Written Examination Committee as they prepare you for the first step in the Accreditation process, the written examination. This course includes a sample examination only available on CEntral, as a bundle with this course.

12 Required Views for Accreditation   Accreditation Examination Criteria   Accreditation FAQ's   Accreditation Guides
This document outlines the magnification ratios for non-retracted, retracted, and retracted views using a mirror.    This document serves as a means of categorizing examination findings.   What is Accreditation? How many people are Accredited? Get answers here.   Purchase the Guide to Accreditation Criteria, the Guide to Accreditation Photography, and other printed resources.
Accreditation Process   Accreditation Teaser Guide   Advanced Accreditation Workshop Template   Case Type Reference
Steps of Accreditation:
1. Written Examination
2. Submission of
    Clincal Cases
3. Oral Examination
  A preview of the Guide to Accreditation Criteria and Accreditation Photography.   Access the Microsoft PowerPoint template here.   See examples of case types here.
AACD Resource Guide   How to Find Accreditation Cases   Photo Release Form   Sample Written Report for Dentists

Download or purchase hard copies of this handy 24-page Accreditation Resource Guide.

  Tips for finding clinical cases.   Required photo release forms for dentists and laboratory technicians submitting Accreditation cases.   An example of a written report submitted by a dentist for Accreditation.
Sample Written Report for Laboratory Technicians   Workshops        
An example of a written report submitted by a laboratory technician for Accreditation.   The required Accreditation and Criteria Workshops available within AACD CEntral and additional opportunities for Accreditation.        
Credentialing Statements

Accreditation Case Types 4 & 5:

It is important that each individual demonstrates the ability to replicate the primary, secondary and tertiary anatomy of anterior teeth, therefore any facial matrices or aids, other than an incisal putty matrix will not be allowed for the fabrication of direct resin veneers. 

Credentialing Photography Lighting Statement:

All photographs submitted for Accreditation and Fellowship examinations should be taken utilizing direct undiffused lighting sources (i.e., without using softboxes, pocket bouncers, filters, diffusers, etc.). Failure to employ proper lighting techniques may result in photographs that lack critical and subtle color, shape, and textural elements. Photographs that fail to satisfactorily show these natural and restorative elements may prevent the Accreditation Examiners from being able to adequately evaluate the case and will result in the case being failed due to improper photographic protocol.