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AACD online events are open to all. You need not be a member to attend, although only AACD members may earn CEUs.

Dental Practice Excellence:
Three Steps to an All-Star Practice
Thursday, August 25, 2022 @ 7:00pm CT | Presented by Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

Sponsored by All-Star Dental Academy | Members earn 1 CEU 

Explore how small changes in your approach to three fundamental Dental Practice Management Systems can yield massive improvements to your profitability with All-Star Dental Academy Founder and CEO, Alex Nottingham.. 

  • Understand the critical role of practice/patient relationships in the overall patient experience

  • Develop patient service skills for new patient calls to improve new patient appointments 

  • Reduce no-shows with an emphasis on relationship building and establishing value for an appointment 

  • Grow an appreciation for the critical role the team plays in overall practice success 

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Tax Strategies for Dentists
Thursday, September 15, 2023 @ 7:00pm CT | Presented by Bobbi Stanley, DDS

Sponsored by Adam Shay, CPA | Members Earn 1 CEU

As practice owners, we are often focused on collections and day-to-day production without looking at overhead or tax savings. It is important to work the offense (collections) but it is equally important to work the defense (savings). Small business owners, including dentists, lose thousands of dollars each year by not being strategic with tax planning.

This happy hour will show how you can pay your fair share of taxes but not a dime more.

  • Learn how to legally make all vacations a business expense.

  • Learn how to get money from your business tax-free.

  • Learn how to properly categorize major expenses as business expenses for tax deduction.

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Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Case Type 2
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 @ 7:00pm CT | Presented by Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD

$95 | Members earn 1 CEU

Dr. Adamo Notarantonio will provide an interactive overview of AACD Accreditation Case Type 2. This informative course will cover key topics, such as case selection, photography, shade matching, and laboratory communication, that will help you in completing Accreditation Case Type 2. 
  • Provide an overview of the Case Type 2 from an examiner's perspective

  • Provide key learning points for success with Case Type 2 Accreditation cases

  • Show clinical processes that help lead to successful Accreditation Case Type 2 submissions


AACD Accreditation Case Type 2 - One or two indirect restorations (treating upper incisors*; adjacent teeth must have no indirect restorations). Join AACD Accredited Fellow Member, Dr. Adamo Notarantonio on and learn how to ace this case!

Direct Anterior Esthetic Restorations: An Alternative Approach?
Thursday, October 20 @7:00 pm CT| Presented by Drs. Mide Ojo and Thomas Sealey
Sponsored by SmileFast

Members earn 1 CEU

Join us on a journey through a typical SmileFast workflow! From consultation to final restorations, you will learn the indications/advantages and case types that SmileFast can treat, limitations, and alternative treatments.

  • Learn current patient trends and existing direct composite techniques.

  • Discuss SmileFast workflow- A digital pathway.

  • Envision the efficiencies and advantages of a systemized approach to direct composite makeovers—case-based discussion.

  • Learn the limitations of composite alone and consider the use of orthodontic and restorative techniques for long-term success.

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Restorative Driven Orthodontics:
Everything You Wanted to Know About Ortho
but Were Afraid to Ask 
Thursday, November 17, 2022 @ 7:00pm CT | Presented by Marina Ambridge, DDS, and Salvatore Lotardo, DDS, AAACD

Members earn 1 CEU

Incorporating orthodontics into your cosmetic and implant treatment plans is essential for success. We will discuss case types that will benefit from a combined treatment approach as well as orthodontic principles, diagnostics, and techniques. Whether you want to add this valuable skillset to your practice or just improve your treatment planning and communication with your multidisciplinary team, orthodontics must be part of the cosmetic dentist’s knowledge base. Join Drs. Salvatore Lotardo, DDS, AAACD, and Marina Ambridge, DDS for this fun and fabulous AACD Happy Hour lecture. 

  • Learn what cases will benefit by incorporating orthodontics into your restorative treatment plan. 

  • Understand how tooth movement can optimize your cases pre-operatively. 

  • Learn basic orthodontic principles and techniques.  

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Comprehensive Records for Proper Orthodontic
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning  
Thursday, February 16, 2023 @ 7:00pm CT | Presented by Courtney Lavigne, DMD, AAACD

Members earn 1 CEU 

Dr. Lavigne will explore the similarities and differences between how a restorative dentist and an orthodontist evaluate interdisciplinary cases. A more comprehensive approach to dental and skeletal treatment planning will elevate the level of care you can provide to your patients in addition to enhancing the interoffice workflow between you and your specialist.  

  • Gain an appreciation for what a truly comprehensive set of records for interdisciplinary care should include.  

  • Enhance your dental and skeletal diagnostic skill set for evaluating interdisciplinary cosmetic and restorative cases.  

  • Enhance your communication with your specialist for better interdisciplinary workflow. 

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What is ACE Your Case?

Have clinical cases discussed by AACD Accreditation Case Examiners in a virtual setting.

What are AACD Happy Hours?AACD Happy Hours are fun and informal virtual educational events that allow members and non-members to gather for an online lecture and Q&A. Plus, some sessions allow for 1 hour CEU credit for AACD members.
*Registration is required for Happy Hour events and space is limited.

What's an AACD Webinar?

AACD Webinars are engaging and informative events presented by AACD sponsors and corporate members, that allow members to learn about the latest tools and techniques for running a successful lab or practice. Plus, some sessions allow for 1 hour CEU credit for AACD members.
*Registration is required for Webinar events and space is limited

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