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Continuing Education

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Online self-study CE lectures on both clinical and practice management topics are available with AACD membership on AACD CEntral onIine learning platform.

The Esthetic Skills Studio Study Club is a geared toward new dentists and those wanting to review core esthetic skills and concepts, under the guidance of an AACD Accredited Coach.

The AACD Dental Dojo Advanced Study Club is an an Accreditation focused cohort community for intensive mentoring by AACD Accreditation Examiners, and is recommended for all dentists who are pursuing Accreditation.  

You need not have enrolled in the Esthetic Skills Studio to enroll in the Dental Dojo--find the right fit for you, wherever you are on your dental journey!   


Esthetic Skills Studio: Essentials Study Club

Study Club | AACD MEMBERS ONLY | Enrollment 2025 NOW OPEN
click here to enroll for the 2025 cohort.

Whether you’re a new dentist, a lab tech, recent grad, dental student, or you're just looking for a broader perspective, this 12-month collaborative masterclass puts you in touch with your peers and a coach who can guide you through the core foundational curriculum you need to be an excellent cosmetic professional.

This flexible format study club was created for anyone interested in taking their dentistry to the next level, connecting with dental peers, and gaining core strength with the advice of an AACD Accredited Coach. 


AACD Dental Dojo: Advanced Study Club

Mentoring Program | AACD MEMBERS ONLY | 2024/5 cohort is FULL

The Dental Dojo is an intensive mentoring collaborative community that ensures members who are interested  in the Accreditation process—or who simply want to advance their dental knowledge and clinical skills to the highest levels, will have the full support needed to succeed while obtaining top-notch education and mentoring by AACD Accreditation Examiners. 

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