About AACD

We Stand for Responsible Esthetics
About AACD

American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry®

The American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry® is committed to protecting and preserving the validity of the AACD Accreditation and Fellowship examinations while maintaining the standard of excellence the credentials have come to represent. We will assure the rights and privileges of the Accredited members are honored while allowing the opportunity for dentists and laboratory technicians to achieve their full potential in cosmetic dentistry.

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Laura L. Justice, DMD, FAACD         Board Chair

Steven Andreaus, DDS, AAACD Board Member

Haupt Dental Lab | Brea, CA

Erik Haupt, FAACD                            Board Member

Brenda Jennings, DDS, AAACD Board Member

Diana Tadros, DDS, AAACD
Board Member

Christopher Weber, DDS, AAACD
Board Member

Zach Sisler, DDS, AAACD                Board Member

Kimberly Hollenbeck
Credentialing Manager

Lisa R. Weber
Director of Credentialing & Volunteer Leadership