47 Begin Accreditation Journey by Passing Written Exam

July 19, 2018 by AACD Executive Office

This year the Accreditation Written Examination was administered during the Annual AACD Scientific Session in Chicago. Congratulations to the following dental professionals who made the commitment to excellence and successfully passed the Accreditation Written Examination, the first step in AACD’s Accreditation process!

We congratulate:

Devki Adi, DMD
Kevin Alexander, DMD
Othman Alkhateeb, BDS
Marvin Berlin, DDS
Kerry Brantly, DDS
Alla Brown, DMD
Vincent Calamia, DDS
Fernanda Da Cruz, DDS
Robert Davis, DDS
Lamiaa El Ghandour, DMD
Amr Enaya, DDS
Larissa Figari-Goller, DDS
Wael Ghabban, DDS
Jacek Glebocki, DDS
Daniele Green, DDS

Heng Guang, DDS
Kristina Hapney, DMD
Harald Heindl, MDT
Bryan Judd, DDS
Rijesh Krishnan, MDS
John Lee, CMT
Becky Long, DDS
Jaren May, DDS
Ryan Michelson, DDS
Tarek Morsi
Anamaria Muresan, DMD
Sandra Nohava, CDT
Shereen Nossair, PhD
Yami Pate, DDS
Jeremy Peyser, DMD


Stefan Pihlveus, DDS
Brad Pirok, DMD
Nathan Powers, DMD
Luis Quiros, DDS
Pavlo Ryabokon, CMT
Umang Shah, MDS
Zachary Sisler, DDS
Jared Slovan, DMD
Weston Spencer, DDS
Dan Stenkilsson
David Stern, DDS
Kristina Stuedmann, DMD
Petteri Viljakainen, DDS
Dr. Marek Vlna
Christopher Weber, DDS
Serena Wong, DMD
Ryan Yakowicz, DDS

We wish you all the best on your rewarding journey through AACD Accreditation!


Are you ready for a journey filled with education, camaraderie and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment? Then take the first step and sign up for the written examination today – the exam is being administered at a testing center near you between August and December or can be taken at AACD 2019 in San Diego!


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