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An Academy Award of Another Caliber: Get To Know the AACD Evy Award

October 17, 2019 by Sarah Dopf

Do you know of a colleague making significant contributions to the field of cosmetic dentistry and/or to the Academy itself? We’d like to thank and recognize these outstanding individuals who have made a tremendous impact, so we need YOU to nominate them for an Evy.

Please submit all materials to awards@aacd.com by Friday, December 17, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. CT.

Click here to see all award categories and download the nomination forms. 

About the Evy

Oscar? Oscar who? At the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, excellence is recognized with the Celebration of Excellence award, more commonly known as the Evy. The Evy moniker and the statuette’s design both have significance founded in the history of the Academy and in the fundamentals of cosmetic dentistry.

To bring you up to speed, here are ten little known but important facts about the Evy:


The Evy statuette was designed and sculpted by the late Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans who, in addition to being an AACD member and past President, was an award-winning artist.


Evans drew inspiration for his design from classical mythology, but ultimately selected a female form in the Art Deco style. According to Evans, “The AACD has moved from the age of 'traditional' dentistry into what I think of as the 'Design Era' —the stylistic, modern age of dentistry. The Art Deco era represented a high point in modern style, in elegance, and in beauty; and our cosmetic dentistry is also elegant, functional and decorative.”
Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans crafting the Evy


"The Art Deco era represented a high point in modern style, in elegance, and in beauty; and our cosmetic dentistry is also elegant, functional and decorative.”





Evans completed his sketches in the bathtub. “The best light in my room was in the bath, so I sat in the tub from 4 am to 7 am for five mornings with sketchpad, pencil, pen, and ink.”


The pearl, held in the statuette’s left hand, abstractly represents the Academy and cosmetic dentistry. The pearl is an image of beauty, perfection, harmony, balance, elegance, and, as one AACD member put it, “of biological manufacture not unlike enamel.” 


The chambered nautilus, tucked under the statuette’s right arm, is an image of symmetry and produces the golden proportion that is used in cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, it is compartmentalized and unified like a beautiful smile.
The Celebration of Excellence Award, Evy statuette
Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans holds one of the first Evy awards


The award’s nickname, the Evy, is a nod to the late Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans.  As the creative force behind the AACD Celebration of Excellence statuette, the award was christened “The Evy,” in his honor upon his passing.


The first Evys were awarded in 2007 at the 23rd Annual AACD Scientific Session in Atlanta, Georgia.



The Evy's are awarded at the annual scientific session Celebration of Excellence event and each year the events have a theme. 

Evy Award Presentation to Carrick in Vegas Nancy Norling Evy presentation in Las Vegas Evy Award presentation to Weston in Toronto Evy Award presentation in SFO



The Evy is 12 inches tall, and once the base and nameplate are added, it weighs about six pounds. It is made out of an epoxy resin and then painted gold. For the past ten years, Sculpture House Casting in New York City has been producing the statuettes. Sculpture House has been in business since 1918, and their client list includes MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and several reputable New York-based artists.


Award categories include: Outstanding Innovation in Cosmetic Dentistry Award; Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry Education Award; AACD Humanitarian Award; AACD Rising Star Award; jCD Award; Outstanding Service to the Academy Award; and the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Evy statuettes in the process of being made


For even more Evy history, check out this video, "The Story of the AACD Celebration of Excellence Awards."


To see a list of Previous Evy Award Recipients, click here.

You can now nominate a colleague for a 2020 Celebration of Excellence Award! Please download nomination forms from the Evy awards nomination page and submit all materials to awards@aacd.com by Friday, Dec. 17, 2020 at 5 p.m. CT.


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