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AACD Member-Get-a-Member Drive Grand Prize Winner Announced!

March 13, 2018 by AACD Executive Office

The Member-Get-a-Member Drive launched at AACD 2017 in Las Vegas, which asked AACD members to provide us with the name and email address of at least one colleague who would benefit from being a member of the AACD. During the contest period, April 18, 2017 through January 31, 2018, the AACD gained 168 new members from colleague referrals.

Congratulations to Monica Ajadalu who referred eight new members to the AACD during the contest period, making her the Member-Get-a-Member Drive Grand Prize Winner*!

We’d like to thank everyone who went online and submitted a referral and everyone who recommended the AACD to a colleague in conversation. Special gratitude to the following:

For referring four new members during the contest period:

  • John Calamia, DMD

For referring three new members during the contest period:

  • Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD

  • J.A. Reynolds, DDS, AAACD

For referring two new members during the contest period:

  • Mickey Bernstein, DDS, AAACD

  • Mohan Bhuvaneswaran, MDS, AAACD

  • Spiker Davis, DDS, AAACD   

  • Frances Escalera-Maldonado, DMD

  • Kyle Hogg, DDS

  • Fiana Seagal, DDS

  • Bryan H. Stimmler, DDS**

  • Christine Theroux, DDS, AAACD

  • Priya S. Tirumalasetty, DDS

  • Dennis Wells, DDS, AAACD

For referring one new member during the contest period:

  • James G. Abraham, DDS

  • Bharat Agrawal

  • Kahkshan A. Ali, DMD

  • Kahkshan Alim, DDS**

  • Husam Almunajed, DMD

  • J. Fred Arnold, DMD, FAACD

  • Basel Badawi, DMD

  • Káren Baghdasaryan, DDS, AAACD

  • Brian M. Baird, DMD

  • George Barsa, DDS

  • Jacob R. Bateman

  • Bryan A. Bauer, DDS

  • Teresa Bello-Burgos, DMD, AAACD

  • Matthew Bernal, DDS, AAACD

  • Byron M. Blasco, DMD

  • John Bocchi, DDS

  • Jaline Boccuzzi, DMD, AAACD

  • Shabnam Soltani Bozchaloei, DDS

  • Laurence Breiterman, DMD

  • Harry C. Brown, DDS

  • Larry (Randy) Buntyn, DMD

  • Sam P. Calabrese, DDS 

  • Darren P. Cannell, BDS, MSc

  • Walberto Cantu, DDS**

  • Michael Cason, DDS

  • David Chan, DMD, AAACD

  • Nan Chen**

  • Dr. Byoung Wook Choi          

  • Isaac Chong, BDS

  • William Cohen, DDS, AAACD

  • Elizabeth Cooper, DDS

  • Martha Cortes, DDS, AAACD**      

  • Lisa Daft, DMD

  • Tanya Lea DeSanto, DDS

  • William Dorfman, DDS, FAACD

  • David Eldredge

  • Ahmed El-Maghraby, DMD

  • Glen E. Emrick, CDT, AAACD

  • David Eshom, DDS, AAACD

  • Mona Ghoneim, DDS, MSc, PhD

  • David Gillespie, DDS

  • Julie M. Gillis, DDS, AAACD

  • Paul G. Grandsire, DMD

  • William D. Guthrie, DDS

  • Viviane Haber, DDS

  • Ann E. Haggard, DDS**

  • Peter T. Harnois, DDS

  • Bruce Hartley, DDS                

  • Clint C. Henrie, DMD

  • Matthew Herbstman, DDS

  • Timothy J. Hoeschen, DMD

  • Christopher Holland, DDS

  • Susan Hollar, DDS, FAACD

  • Melanie Jenkins

  • Laura L. Justice, DMD, FAACD

  • Natasha Katsman, DDS

  • Chris Kirby, DDS

  • George Kirtley, DDS, AAACD

  • Nadine G. Kobty-Hogg, DDS

  • Venkateshwar R. Kommidi, DDS

  • Dr. Anshu Kumar

  • Emanuel Layliev, DDS

  • Tram Le, DDS

  • Sean Aaron Leavitt, CDT

  • Guy M. Lewis, DDS, AAACD

  • Jan Linhart, DDS

  • Feng Liu

  • Lori H. Logan, DDS

  • Maria A. Loza, DMD

  • Angela Lueck, DDS

  • Zeyad Mahmood, BDS

  • Nicole Martino, DMD

  • Rebekkah A. Merrell, DMD

  • James A. Merriman, DMD, AAACD          

  • Adam Miller, DDS

  • Daniel J. Miller, DMD

  • Steve Murphree, DMD

  • Enoch Ng, DDS

  • Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, AAACD

  • Nils Olson, DDS, FAACD

  • Kevin O'Neill, DDS**

  • Christopher Orr, BSc BDS**

  • Amit A. Paryag

  • James S. Pearce, DDS, AAACD

  • James Penfield, DDS

  • Stephen M. Phelan, DDS, AAACD                             

  • Peyman Raissi, DDS

  • Timothy J. Reaume, DDS

  • Genevieve Ricard-Guay, DMD

  • Dwight Rickert, CDT, FAACD

  • Jack Ringer, DDS, FAACD

  • Edward A. Romano, DDS

  • Mario Romero, DDS

  • Larry Rosenthal, DDS, AAACD

  • Sam S. Sadati, DDS, FAACD

  • Kelly Skerrett, DDS

  • Anthony Skiadas, DMD

  • Sasha Soltani, DDS

  • Rod Souza, DDS

  • Janice E. Spada, DMD

  • Clarence Tam, DDS, AAACD

  • Christina Tran, DMD

  • Richard Vermillion, DDS

  • Toan Vo, DMD

  • John F. Weston, DDS, FAACD

  • Mark Whaley, DDS, AAACD

  • Ned W. Windmiller, DDS, AAACD 

  • Mohammad Zeidan, BDS                                             

  • Jennifer Zhang, DDS**

Thank you all again for helping strengthen the AACD and cosmetic dentistry.

Based on self-reporting from new member applications. This article names those who were identified on new member applications and are currently active members of the AACD.

*Includes complimentary tuition to AACD 2018, credit for airfare up to $500, and four nights hotel stay.

**Was selected at random from all members who referred at least one new member during the contest period to win a bundled Accreditation Guides package.

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