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Volume 23 Issue 3 - Fall 2007

  Volume 23 • Issue 3

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
Continuing Education by Mike Koczarski, DDS
About the Cover by Ron Schefdore, DMD 
President's Message
Amazing Atlanta! by Laura Kelly, AACD President and AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Guest Editorial
Sharing Your Wealth: Writing for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry by Sandy Roth

Accreditation Essentials
Introduction to Accreditation Essentials by Betsy Bakeman, DDS, AACD Accredited Fellow (FAACD)
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type V: Six or More Direct Resin Veneers by Emil Hawary, DDS, AAACD
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type V: Six or More Direct Resin Veneers by Ted Murray, DDS, AAACD
The Art of Matching Select Porcelain Restorations to the Anterior Teeth: Case Type II  by Lynn Jones, DDS, AAACD
Complex Esthetics  
Maximizing Success and Minimizing Risk With Esthetic Implant Treatment Solutions by Betsy Bakeman, DDS, FAACD and Michael Sesemann, DDS, FAACD
Functional Occlusion: Science-Driven Management by John Kois, DMD and Nancy Hartrick, DDS
Esthetic Team
Cosmetic Dentistry: A Practice Within a Practice by Roger Levin, DDS, AAACD
Eight Essentials to Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry by Eric Nelson, AACD Director of PR and Marketing
Leadership Skills for Everyday Wear by Sandy Roth  
Tips for Building an Unstoppable Team by Bernie Stoltz
Give Back A Smile
Give Back A Smile: Give Back...and Get Noticed by Mark G. Sayeg, DDS  
What a Difference a Smile Can Make by Nancy Norling, DDS, AAACD
Regaining Her Smile, Regaining Her Confidence by Helaine Smith, DMD
Laboratory Advancements  
The Synergistic Approach to Treatment Planning and Product Selection by Pinhas Adar, MDT  
Guidelines for Selecting the Right All-Ceramic Material for a Successful Restorations by John Haupt, MDT, FAACD
Predictably Exceeding Patient's Expectations Using Pressed Ceramics by Bradley L. Jones, AAACD 
Member's Pearls 
Visual Diagnostic Try-ins: Beyond Dental Imaging by David R. Bloom, BDS  
A Technician's Viewpoint on How to Take a Custom Shade: Step by Step by Luke S. Kahng, CDT  
Modern Esthetics 
Integrating Cosmetic Dentistry into a Complete Dentistry Format by Peter E. Dawson, DDS  
Steps in Creating a Beautiful Smile by Ken M. Hamlett, DDS, FAACD, and Larry W. Rosenthal, DDS, AAACD
Simply Beautiful: A Venus Reconstruction of a Class II Malocclusion by Robert A. Lowe, DDS, AAACD
Highly Esthetic CEREC Solutions-Is CAD/CAM Right for You? by Rich Masek, DDS, AAACD
Beyond Diazepam: An Introduction to Oral Sedation Dentistry by Michael D. Silverman, DMD  
Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry 2008, New Orleans  
"We Make Good Gumbo!" by Hugh D. Flax, DDS, AAACD and John K. Sullivan, DDS, AAACD
Interview with David Sarver, DMD by Hugh D. Flax, DDS, AAACD