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Volume 24 Issue 3 - Fall 2008

  Volume 24 • Issue 3

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Table of Contents:
Editor's Message
The Secret Ingredient by Michael J. Koczarski, DDS
President's Message
I Just Like to Run by Mickey Bernstein, DDS, AACD President and AACD Accredited Member

About the Cover  by Wade M. Pilling, DMD and Bradley L. Jones, AAACD

Guest Editorial
Sharing Your Wealth: Writing for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry—An Invitation to Contribute by Sandra R. Roth
Clinical Science
Collaboration, Communication, and Conservative Protocol for Predictable Veneers by Wade M. Pilling, DMD and Bradley L. Jones, AAACD
Excellence In Cosmetic Dentistry 2008
A Taste of New Orleans—Excellence In Cosmetic Dentistry 2008 by Hugh D. Flax, DDS, AAACD
Accreditation Essentials
Introduction to Accreditation Essentials by Susan Hollar, DDS, AAACD
Excerpts from the Introductory Guide to Accreditation
Six or More Direct Resin Veneers Case for Accreditation: Hands-on Typodont Exercise by James H. Peyton, DDS, AACD Accredited Fellow Member (FAACD) and J. Fred Arnold, III, DMD, FAACD
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type V: Six or More Direct Resin Veneers by Scott W. Finlay, DDS, AAACD
Interdisciplinary Dentistry
Dentist-Technician Synergy=Predictable Results by Mike Malone, DDS, AAACD and Michael T. Bellerino, CDT, AAACD
Accreditation: A Model for Successful Communication and Teamwork by Michael T. Morris, CDT, FAACD 
Searching for Ways to Improve Teamwork Between Dentists and Laboratory Technicians by Mark Willes
Laboratory Technicians' Techniques
Foundations for Success by Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT
Economic Independence: Having Your Money Work as Hard for You as You Worked for It! by Omer K. Reed, DDS and Kelly W. Reed, BS
Financial Freedom...The Attainable Future by Trent Smallwood, DDS, FACE
Members' Pearls
Digital Technology: A Necessity for Increased Case Acceptance and Patient Satisfaction by Lorin F. Berland, DDS, FAACD
The "Trial Smile" Experience by Susan Hollar, DDS, AAACD
Dentistry in the Digital World: Enhancing the Contemporary Esthetic Practice With Digital Photography and Presentations by Jack Ringer, DDS, AAACD
Restorative Dentistry
The Art of a Beautiful Smile by George Kirtley, DDS, AAACD
Achieving the Epitome of Composite Art: Creating Natural Tooth Esthetics, Texture, and Anatomy Using Appropriate Preparation and Layering Techniques 
by Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD, Frank Milnar, DDS, FAACD and Jenifer Wohlberg, AAACD
Exploring the Cosmetic Dental Applications of Soft Tissue Diode Lasers by Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD
RSVP (Rapid Simplified Veneer Provisional System) by Robert C. Margeas, DDS
Chairside CAD/CAM: Not If, but Which and When by Richard T. Masek, DDS, AAACD
Facial Changes Through Dental Temporization by Elliot Mechanic, DDS
Extreme Class IV Composites: The Next Best Thing to Cloning by Michael J. Morgan, DDS
Conservative Porcelain Veneer Techniques Guided by Three Different Preparation Stents by Stephen M. Phelan, DDS, AAACD
Team Training
The Public Opinion Survey on Dentistry—Are You Offering What Patients Are Really Looking For? 
by Steven J. Anderson
Moving From "Staff" to "Team" by William A. Blatchford, DDS
Why Customer Service is Not Enough by Lisa Ford, CSP
Empowering Your Dental Practice With Digital Photography by Phillip Kemp, DDS
Empowering the "Complete Care" Dental Assistant by Shannon Pace Schmidt
The Role of Patient Coordinator by Sandra R. Roth

Give Back A Smile
A Message From the Give Back A Smile Team by Lisa Fitch, AACDCF Program Manager
Give Back A Smile: Our Experience by Lloyd H. Darby, DDS 
Picking Up the Pieces by Richard Hagstrom, DDS and Joe Wynne
Dear Colleagues by Richard M. Brown, DDS, FAGD