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Volume 25 Issue 3 - Fall 2009

  Volume 25 • Issue 3

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
"One-Stop Shopping" by Michael J. Koczarski, DDS
President's Message
Advocacy is a Righteous Action by Michael R. Sesemann, DDS, AACD President and AACD Accredited Fellow (FAACD)

Cover Story
About the Cover  by Robert G. Ritter, DMD and Nelson A. Rego, CDT, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)

Annual Scientific Session
The Learning Revolution and the Dental Laboratory Program for 2010 by Gilbert Young, CDT, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Maximizing Esthetic Results With the Use of Preparation Matrices by Joyce L. Bassett, DDS, FAGD, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
In-Office Model Preparation for Cosmetic Smile Design and Virtual Try-Ins by Mitch A. Conditt, DDS and Michael L. Milne, CDT
On Target: Part I—Creating Systems for Success in a Changing Work Environment by Cathy Jameson
Laboratory Technician Accreditation Workshop by Trevor R. Laingchild, RDT, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Creating Natural Esthetic Veneers Utilizing a Next Generation Composite Material by Frank J. Milnar, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Teaching Dental Assistants to Speak Your Language by Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD
Speaking Skills for AACD Presenters by Sandra R. Roth
AACD Accreditation Track Case Type II: One or Two Indirect Restorations by Marty Zase, DMD, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)

eLearning Program Review: Three-Part Video Series--Accreditation Case Type I: Six or More Indirect Restorations by John F. Weston, DDS, AACD Accredited Fellow (FAACD)

Accreditation Essentials
Introduction to Accreditation Essentials by James H. Hastings, DDS,  AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Accreditation Clinical Case Reports, Case Type IV: Anterior Direct Resin; and Case Type III: Tooth Replacement by Jeffry S. Kerbs, DDS
Origins of Accreditation: Interview with Dr. Jeff Morley conducted by Dr. James Hastings by James H. Hastings, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)

Give Back A Smile
A New Smile, A New Opportunity by Ira M. Langstein, DDS

Clinical Science and Art 
Material Considerations for Using Lithium Disilicate as a Thin Veneer Option by Robert G. Ritter, DMD and Nelson A. Rego, CDT, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Esthetic Repair of the Dental Consequences of Celiac Disease: A Case Report by James F. Fondriest, DDS and Matthew R. Roberts, CDT, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Correcting Soft Tissue Deficiencies Prior to Esthetic Dental Procedures by Paul S. Petrungaro, DDS, MS