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Volume 30 Issue 1 - Spring 2014

  Volume 30 • Issue 1

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
Being Responsible With Your Esthetics
by Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD

Behind the Smile
The "Beauty" of Conservative Dentistry by Dennis J. Wells, DDS, AAACD and Juan J. Rego, CDT, AAACD

Accreditation Essentials
Class IV Composite Repair by Robert L. Strain, DDS
Examiners' Commentary
Microesthetics and Case Type IV by J.A. Reynolds, DDS, AAACD

Accreditation Essentials
Considering All Parameters with Porcelain Veneers
 by Vin Vu, DDS, AAACD

Examiners' Commentary
Truly a Smile Design Case
 by James H. Peyton, DDS, FAACD

Newly Accredited Members


Visually Speaking: We Are Not in Maryland Anymore by Joshua Polansky, MDC
Clinical Cover Essay: Exquisite Esthetics with No-Preparation Veneers by Dennis J. Wells, DDS, AAACD and Juan J. Rego, CDT, AAACD
How To: The Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer by Thomas E. Lee
A Simple & Functional Conservative Treatment by Amanda N. Seay, DDS, AAACD
Conservative Esthetic Treatment for the Adolescent Patient by Dennis B. Hartlieb, DDS
Composite Resin in Anterior Teeth by Luiz Narciso Baratieri, DDS, MSD, PhD;
Jussara Karina Bernardon, DDS, MSD, PhD; Eduardo Santini, DDS, MSD; Carolina Baratieri, DDS, MSD, PhD
Evolution of Conservative Odontology by August Bruguera, TPD; Jon Gurrea, DDS; Sidney Kina, DDS, MS
Correcting Excessive Gingival Display by Michael A. Vizirakis, DDS, MS; Leyvee Lynn Cabanilla Jacobs, DDS, MSD; Robert R. Di Pilla, DDS, FACD

Book Review: Inspiration

Product Review: Product Evaluations Give Promising Options by Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS

CE Article 

Correcting Anterior Crowding by Emil Hawary, DDS, FAAD, FAGD, DICOI