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Volume 17 Issue 4 - Winter 2002

  Volume 17 • Issue 4

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Table of Contents:

From the Editor by Thomas F. Trinkner, DDS

About the Cover by Dr. William M. Dorfman

From the President by Arthur Chal, DDS

 Guest Editorial by Nicholas C. Davis, DDS, MAGD

From an Editorial Reviewer by Galip Gűrel, DDS
Accreditation Essentials
Clinical Case Report: Direct Veneers 
by Robert W. Erlach, DDS
Interview with the Candidate by Corkey Willhite, DDS

Newly Accredited Members

Plastic Surgery Corner
Skin "Resurfacing" by Brian Daly, MD, DDS

Academy Gems
"I Was Robbed" (And More Than Likely, So Were You!)
by Tom Orent, DMD

 Clinical Science
Creating Beauty with Your Own Two Hands: A Simplified Approach for Direct Composite Veneers
by Jeff T. Blank, DMD
Factors Associated with Cervico Abfration: Literature Review and Pilot Study, with Periodontal and Restorative Considerations
by Michael W. Davis, DDS

 Dentists are Rediscovering Occlusion, Function, and Articulation as Necessary Components for Optimizing Esthetic and Functional Results
by Bruce J. Crispin, DDS, MS
Questions from Senior Dental Students by Simona Cuevas, DDS
Advanced Contemporary Hyciene—How Hygienists Can Take Control of Their Departments, Their Careers, and Their Professional Growth
by Bobbi Anthony, RDH; Kristine Hodsdon, RDH; Mary Martineau, RDH

Practice Development
Cosmetics is the Summit... Don't Miss the Base Camp!
by Roger P. Levin, DDS, MBA
The Relationship-Based Practice, Part IV: Leadership Dimensions by Sandy Roth