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Volume 19 Issue 4 - Winter 2004

  Volume 19 • Issue 4

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Table of Contents:

From the Edior
Professionalism by Thomas F. Trinkner, DDS

From the President
Cosmetic Dentistry and Ethics by Mike Malone, DDS

  About the Cover by Dr. Thomas E. Oppenheim

Accreditation Essentials
Introduction to Accreditation Essentials
by Corky Willhite, DDS, FAACD
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type 2: One or Two Indirect Restorations by J. Fred Arnold, III, DMD
Ceramist's Perspective by Michael T. Morris, CDT
Examiners' Perspective by Bradley Olson, DDS
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type 2: One or Two Indirect Restorations by Larry R. Goldstein, DDS
Examiners' Perspective by Bradley Olson, DDS
An Accreditation Success Story by Susan Hollar, DDS

Give Back A Smile
A New Smile, A New Start
by C. Lee Wyant, DDS

Scientific Session
Dr. Nick Davis Interviews Dr. Cherilyn Sheets About Five Key Elements in Esthetic Reconstructive Dental Treatment

by Cherilyn G. Sheets, DDS

Plastic Surgery Corner
by Brian Daly, MD, DDS

University News
Comparing the Depth of Cure of Composite Resins Using a Corded Light-Emitting Diode and a Halogen Light

by Siddharth Mehta, BDS; Puneet Kaur, BDS

Clinical Science
Replacing a Single Anterior Tooth Immediately After Extraction With a Single Implant to Preserve Interproximal Papilla and Alveolar Bone by Khalil Saghezchi, DDS
A New Approach to In-Office Composite Inlays and Onlays by James W. Allbright, DDS

Practice Development
Making Cosmetic Dentistry a Specialty by Roger P. Levin, DDS
Relationships by Sandy Roth
Case Acceptance: Hard Work Has Its Rewards by Brian McKay, DDS
Common Triggers for Ethical Complaints, and Ways to Avoid Them by Paul Bloomberg, Esq

Questions from Senior Dental Students by Simona Cuevas, DDS
The Seven "C's" of Professionalism by Vicki McManus, RDH