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Volume 25 Issue 4 - Winter 2010

  Volume 25 • Issue 4

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
Keep The Communication Open by Michael J. Koczarski, DDS

President's Message
Small World - Bigger Community by Michael R. Sesemann, DDS, AACD President and AACD Accredited Fellow (FAACD)

Cover Story
About the Cover  by Nancy A. Norling, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD) and Lance A. Hancock

Annual Scientific Session
Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Responsible Esthetics: Is This a New Concept?  
An Interview with Dr. Newton Fahl Jr., and Dr. Lorenzo Vanini by Dr. Frank Milnar, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
On Target: Part ll-Motivation in Today's Workplace by Cathy Jameson

Beyond The "Trial Smile" by Susan Hollar, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)

Accreditation Essentials
Introduction to Accreditation Essentials by Edward Lowe, DMD,  AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Accreditation Clinical Case Report, Case Type I: Six or More Indirect Restorations by Gesica T. Horn, DDS
Examiners' Perspective for Dr. Gesica Horn by Rebecca Pitts, DMD, AACD Accredited Fellow Member (FAACD)
Accreditation-A Glimpse of History and Progress Interview with Dr. Jimmy Eubank conducted by James H. Hastings, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)

Newly Accredited Fellows

Give Back A Smile
A Life and a Smile Restored by Ryan Haupt, BA and Joe Wynne, BA

Clinical Science and Art 
Clinical Cover Story by Nancy A. Norling, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD) and Lance A. Hancock
Advanced Technologies and the Cosmetic Dental Practice by Jack Ringer, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Perio-Esthetics: The Use of Gene-Based Testing to Enhance Esthetic Outcomes and Create Healthier Patients byThomas W. Nabors, lll, DDS, AACD Accredited Member (AAACD)
Short-Term Orthodontics: A Vital Tool for Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry by Ryan B. Swain, DMD