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Volume 29 Issue 4 - Winter 2014

  Volume 29 • Issue 4

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
In the "World Cup" of Dentistry, Everyone Wins!
by Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD

Guest Editorial
Sharing a Team Experience 
by Maurice A. Salama, DMD

Behind this Issue
Inspirational Advice by Various Authors

AACD Newly Accredited Fellows


Complex Case Rehabilitation in light of the New Technologies by Alessandro Agnini, DDS; Luca Dondi, DT; Matteo Dondi, DT; Andrea Mastrorosa, DDS
Esthetic Rehabilitation of the Periodontally Compromised Dentition by Tidu Mankoo, BDS
Sequencing of Periodontal Procedures and Orthodontic Treatment by Cobi Landsberg, DMD and Ofer Sarne, DMD
Restoration of Optimum Esthetics in Complex Clinical Situations by Tomohro Ishikawa, DDS; Xavier Vela-Nebot, MD, DDS; Kenji Kida, DDS; Hidetada Moroi, DDS; Hajime Kitajima, DDS, Takahiro Ogawa, DDS, PhD
A Novel Strategy for Bone Integration and Regeneration by Akiyoshi Funato, DDS; Ryohei Tonotsuka, DDS;
Hitoshi Murabe, DDS, PhD; Takahiro Ogawa, DDS, PhD
Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation: A Case Report by Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, DMD; Bogdan Mykhaylyuk; Myroslav Solonko, DMD, MSc
Virtual Esthetic Smile Design by Marcello Calamita, DMD; Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT
Contemporary Concepts in Smile Design

CE Article 

Two Immediate Temporization Methods Exemplified: Flap vs. Punch Techniques in Implant Surgery 
by Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT and Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS