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Volume 32 Issue 4 - Winter 2017

  Volume 32 • Issue 4

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
What Exactly is a Legend?  by Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD

Behind the Smile
Believing  by Hilal Kuday, CDT and Nihan Özlem Kuday, DDS, PhD

Scientific Session
Thoughts on Dental Artistry and More Interview with Dr. Larry Rosenthal

Accreditation Essentials
Triad of Excellence by Dawn Wehking, DDS

Examiners' Commentary
The Ultimate Test of Clinician-Cermist Communication by Brian J. Gilbert, DDS, AAACD

Newly Accredited Fellows

Visual Cover Essay - Micro-Layering Prepless Veneers 
by Hilal Kuday, CDT and Nihan Özlem Kuday, DDS, PhD

Six Steps to Ceramic Veneers by Diego Lops, DMD, PhD; Goran I. Benic,; Hong-Chang Lai, PhD;
Niccolò Cea, DDS; Riccardo Guazzo, DDS, PhD; Edoardo Stellini, PhD

The One-Bake Technique by Nondas Vlachopoulos, CDT

CE / Research Articles 

Surgical Veneer Grafting: Compensation for Natural Labial Plate Remodeling After Immediate Implant Placement 
by Alessandro Agnini, DDS; Maurice A. Salama, DMD; Henry Salama, DMD; David A. Garber, DMD;
Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini, DDS

A New, More Personal Vision of Esthetics: Full-Mouth Rehabilitation of a Patient with Tetracycline Stains Using All-Ceramic Restorations by Michel Rogé, DDS; François-Marie Fisselier, DDS

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