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Volume 39 Issue 2

  Volume 39 • Issue 2

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Table of Contents:

Editor's Message
Cultivating Wisdom by Edward Lowe, DMD, AAACD

Accreditation Essentials
Accreditation Case Type II: Achieving Excellence With a Minimally Invasive Interdisciplinary Approach 
by Megan A. Shelton, DMD

Examiners' Commentary
Accreditation Case Type II: Interdisciplinary Planning for Excellence
by William J. Rowe Jr., DDS, AAACD


Cover Feature

dear BEAUTÉ: A Challenge to Natural Teeth by Naoki Hayashi, RDT, MDT, MDC

Enhancing Esthetics and Durability: Multi-Layered Zirconia Facial Cut-Back Designs
by Sean Park MDC; David Park; Maurice A. Salama, DMD; David A. Garber, DMD; Marcelo M. Silva, DDS;
Maria Paula Paranhos Silva, DDS; Toni E. Salama, DDS

The Subtle Elegance of Posterior Restorations: A Rational Approach with Pressed Materials 
by Hernán Lázaro Villa, MDC, CDT


Digitally Guided Direct Composite Layering Stamping Technique: A Case Study
by Ana Alvarado, DDS; Maria E. Perez, DDS