Congrats to the 2022 Smile Portrait Competition Winners!

August 17, 2022 by AACD Executive Office

The AACD is proud to congratulate the winners of our 2022 Smile Portrait Competition. Let's get to know the winners as they share with us some of their pearls of knowledge and encouragement. 

Smile Art Winner: Connie Tse-Wallerstein, DDS

From being able to improve someone's smile and self-esteem to creating esthetic dental art, this photo competition was a rewarding and fun experience. 

Dental technicians are always the silent heroes of our cases, and they deserve the recognition of their work.  My ceramist, Erik Haupt, guided me through my veneer cases when there were no hands-on scientific meetings during the pandemic.  I appreciate his help and his immense talent. I would like to thank my other mentors of this academy.  Dr. Marilyn Calvo, our AACD president, has been there for me through each of my accreditation cases.  No matter how busy she was, she always made time for me.  She helped me hone my observational skills, to see the detail required for excellence.  Dr. Jim Peyton is a wealth of knowledge and he provided invaluable help with my publication. Dr. Adamo Notarantonio was my inspiration for these pictures. He has always been available, offering his advice even before I took his photography course. I admire all of their generosity and commitment to assist other dentists to excel.  

AACD has helped me grow as a clinician especially through the Accreditation process. The many criteria to pass each case are tough but once we see the light we can never go back.  Getting connected to other like-minded dentists with the same high aspirations and attending continuing education courses together, we cheer each other on to cross the finish line. The connections and friendships I am making are life-long and meaningful.  We support each other to achieve our goals and to become better clinicians for our patients.  

I am from Westmount, Quebec, Canada where my practice focuses on cosmetic and implant dentistry. My philosophy is to provide the best that advanced dentistry has to offer to enhance the overall health and quality of life of my patients. I do so with thorough diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning, patient education and meticulous technique. This submitted case was completed through a multidisciplinary approach. Orthodontic treatment was first implemented for proper alignment so that the least number of teeth would need to be operated on. The peg laterals were then treated with porcelain veneers in a minimally invasive additive fashion to ensure good long term prognosis and longevity of the restorations.  

I am so grateful to my family, friends and colleagues who supported me. 

Follow me on Instagram at @dr.conniewallerstein.

Smile Design Aficianados Winner: Alexander W. Tsui, DMD

I have a private practice in Midtown Manhattan ( focused on restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  Photography was a hobby I began in high school.  That was back in the day of black and white photography and developing and printing your own images in darkrooms. One could not have imagined back then how the advent of digital photography would change everything.  Young dentists today have no idea how good they have it! 

It was during my first AACD meeting in Boston, 2011 that I took Bernie Villadiego's photography workshop. That really opened my eyes to taking glamour shots with a studio set up.  It wasn't until I sat again through Bernie's recent workshop at the AACD in Orlando that I decided to take the plunge and really start taking glamour shots of patients.  

I think photography and cosmetic dentistry are two sides of the same coin. One seeks to capture beauty and the other seeks to create it.  Achieving excellence in cosmetic dentistry is a journey that  will require many mentors and partners.  Among the many friends I have made over the years at the AACD, I will be always grateful to my mentor Rebecca Kraivixien who developed my eye for smile design and all that it entails.  I am also grateful to Jenny Wohlberg, an excellent ceramist at Valley Dental Arts for her first-rate work and support over many years. - Alexander W. Tsui, DMD

Over the years, I have taken part in annual international photo tours with a group of very talented AACD dentists I have gotten to know.  We just returned from Greenland with Patagonia next up in 2023.  


Rising Star Winner: Samantha Mohan, DDS

My practice is located in Menlo Park. My practice website is You can also find me on Instagram @samanthathedentist.

I love my patients and the dental community in my area. The specialists I work with are collaborative and I love working with people that are passionate about quality dentistry.

I was an oil and acrylic painter before dentistry, and I love that I get to use these artistic skills in dentistry. I love working with microdental and specifically Chris Goodwin. He's an excellent lab technician and always available to communicate with me. I appreciate his feedback and it makes working together seamless. I would like to thank Dr. Robert Soto for all the valuable knowledge he has shared with me. Membership with AACD has definitely improved the quality of my work. I love the courses I have been able to take at the conferences, in particular I feel the courses I took from Dr. Pascal Magne and Dr. Amanda Seay at the conference in 2019 had a big impact on me. 


A special thank you to all our participants! We will be featuring all of your work throughout the year in various AACD publications and promotions. We are so proud to have such talented dental artists within the #AACDfam

Learn More about the AACD Smile Portrait Competition, here.


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