Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing and Attracting New Patients

April 12, 2021 by†AACD Executive Office

by My Social Practice

Most of your marketing efforts are focused on how they will boost your practice and help you be more profitable.

The return on investment in cosmetic dental social media and digital marketing is a highly debated topic among industry leaders. It's nearly impossible to quantify the benefits of using social media and what it does to strengthen your practice. Things like top-of-mind-awareness, fostering strong connections with loyal patients, and your practice's popularity in your area are difficult to measure. However, using social media marketing has helped thousands of practices like yours get attention and new patients.

Here are two ways to think about the ROI of cosmetic dental social media:

  1. First, think about how vital is it for your practice to build strong relationships. It cannot be overstated how important loyal patients and your online brand are to your business. When you post on social media regularly, engage with other local businesses (like your referring practices!), and comment back to your fans, you will notice a difference in your relationships and reputation in the community. Your cosmetic dental practice will have higher visibility, greater patient retention, and more profit through word-of-mouth marketing using social media. Your cosmetic dental patients are looking for a great clinical dentist, yes, but they are much more interested in the kind of personal, friendly experience they will have with you and your team.
  2. Secondly, put a bit of effort into how you want to track your success. Some of our cosmetic dental clients have kept track of things like how many positive reviews they got in a month, which social media posts got the most engagement or, who checked out their Facebook or Instagram pages before making an appointment. In your team huddles, remind your dental team to ask your new patients how they found out about your practice and if they saw any of your social media pages before coming in. Make sure that your new patient intake form has Google, Facebook, and Instagram as options for "How did you hear about us?"

Remember, some of what you do to market your cosmetic dental practice will include a few "intangibles". As we mentioned the intangibles of marketing cannot exactly be quantified but they do impact how and why you get new patients.

After over 10 years in the dental marketing industry, My Social Practice has seen social media marketing help practices find new patients and retain current patients over and over again.

As you and your cosmetic dental office utilize social media marketing to help new patients find you remember that the most valuable investment is a loyal, happy patient that will be excited to share your practice with their friends and family. When your potential patients see the wonderful experiences your current patients have had with you, your cosmetic dental social media pages become a powerful recommendation thatís more effective than any advertisement you could ever create.

Want more marketing and social media content that promises to build your business? Check out the Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Institute today!

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