Designing Smiles, Crafting Community: The Unique Brand Journey of Paste Dental

February 26, 2024 by AACD Executive Office

In a world where dental practices often blend in with one another, Paste Dental intentionally positions itself as a lifestyle brand, redefining the traditional concept of dentistry. With a focus on creating bespoke smiles and fostering a sense of community, Paste Dental, and founder, AACD member Dr. Alan Clarke, stand out as a unique player in the dental landscape.

Crafting Your Ideal Smile: At Paste Dental, the emphasis is on understanding the individual behind the smile. The founder believes that a dream look can only be created by investing time in getting to know the patient deeply. The process involves delving into their life, drivers, insecurities, and passions to design a smile that goes beyond surface aesthetics. This commitment to personalized care extends to marketing, in-surgery processes, and the overall patient experience, making Paste Dental a brand that values the uniqueness of each individual.

More Than Just a Dental Practice: Paste Dental transcends the conventional image of a dental clinic by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand. Situated in an urban city-center location in Belfast, UK, amidst diverse surroundings, the practice caters to a clientele of Gen-Z and millennials. The clinical spaces are technologically advanced, yet the lobby exudes an understated, approachable luxury akin to a speakeasy meets a Soho House. With a fusion of designer Scandinavian furniture and the latest technology, Paste Dental aligns itself with the lifestyle preferences of its target audience.

Purpose-Driven Dentistry: Beyond profit, Paste Dental’s clinical director, Dr. Clarke, expresses a deeper mission to help people feel seen, understood, and respected. This commitment is reflected in the establishment of “Paste Cares,” a not-for-profit initiative that engages with the community, particularly focusing on refugees and asylum seekers. Through skill-sharing and collaboration with other businesses, Paste Dental goes beyond the traditional realm of dentistry, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Positioning Construct:

Especially for millennials and Gen-Z,

Paste Dental is the best contact to have in your little black book,

Because we got your back, designing smiles, helping you realize your full potential because life has to be felt, lived and enjoyed, not on your own but together in community!

Brand Identity: The name “Paste Dental” nods to dentistry while maintaining ambiguity for memorability and potential expansion into the broader lifestyle brand space. The logo uses text language emojis, emphasizing a carefree and joyous approach to life. The dark and luxurious color schemes, along with inspired uniforms, contribute to an approachable yet sophisticated visual identity.

Alignment of Character, Conduct, and Conversation: Every aspect of Paste Dental, from branding to communication, is aligned with its ethos. The messaging is consistent, bespoke, and authentic, effectively communicating the mission to reconnect individuals with themselves and their community.

Target Market: Paste Dental specifically targets Gen-Z and millennials, with a niche focus on a 35-year-old millennial working in tech. The practice tailors its approach to this demographic’s cultural awareness, travel preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Building a Community: Best-fit patients are not just clients to Paste Dental; they become a part of the Paste family. The practice fosters trust and respect, creating relationships that extend beyond the dental chair. Word of mouth serves as the most powerful form of referral, with Paste Dental aiming to be a trusted contact in its patients’ little black books.

Living the Brand: While conveying a brand to the entire team is challenging, Paste Dental prioritizes hiring individuals whose values align with the brand’s core principles. The team is the heartbeat of the brand, and their commitment to kindness, humility, and continuous learning contributes to the daily delivery of the brand promise.

Paste Dental’s intentional approach to brand positioning goes beyond dentistry, crafting a unique identity that resonates with its target audience. By combining personalized care, a lifestyle-oriented environment, and a commitment to community impact, Paste Dental stands out as a trailblazer in the dental industry.

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