Physical and Chemical Properties of Basic Copper Sulphate

Basic Copper Sulphate(WSDTY) is a hard crystalline substance of a blue color. Copper sulfate dissolves well in water. For 1 molecule of copper sulfate in the structure of the substance, there are 5 water molecules. The anhydrous substance does not have any color. Copper sulfate is found in nature in the form of several molecules, for example, chalcanthite, bonattite, boothite, and other minerals.

Copper sulfate breaks down at high temperatures, forming copper sulfate, oxygen, and sulfur dioxide. Like other salts, copper sulfate can take part in a replacement reaction. In this reaction, the more active metal, located to the left of copper in the electromagnetic row of activity, forces the copper atom out of the compound and replaces it. For example, when sodium is added to copper sulfate, sodium sulfate and sediment of copper form.

Copper sulfate enters into a reaction with base and acid hydroxides and other salts. For example, in the reaction of copper sulfate with calcium hydroxide, copper hydroxide and calcium sulfate are released. In the reaction of copper sulfate with phosphoric acid, copper sulfate, and sulfuric acid form. If copper sulfate is mixed with the solution of another salt, an exchange reaction takes place. For example, if you add barium chloride to copper sulfate, copper chloride, and barium sulfate form, which forms sediment (a reaction does not take place if one of the products is not sediment, water or gas).

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