Going for the Win: 3 Easy Plays Dentists Can Use to Increase Case Acceptance

November 3, 2016 by AACD Executive Office
By  Shaleen Shah CEO, SimplePay

More and more patients are entering the dental world looking for treatment. Are you ready with a strategy for getting them to say yes to treatment? If not, here’s a game plan to help convert treatment plans into scheduled treatments.

 1. Have a Friendly Office Environment

Have you ever purchased something from someone you didn’t like?  Chances are you prefer to avoid supporting that person at all costs. Sometimes we even find ourselves spending more money specifically because we preferred one salesperson or sales environment over the other.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I buy something from my treatment coordinator?
  • Does my assistant make me smile?
  • Would I accept treatment with the information I just provided this patient?
So what can you do?  Work on improving the overall demeanor and attitude of the office.
Make sure everyone is smiling, happy, and healthy!  Try spending a few minutes with your staff each morning to talk about them personally, and to make sure everyone is feeling great. Having a morning chant, special high fives, or even a fun song to play during practice opening, can improve the mood of any practice. Office walks, hikes, or yoga are also great activities for your team.

2. Have a Knowledgeable Staff

You are probably thinking, “This goes without saying.” You’d be surprised!  Make sure your team is able to answer any questions a patient may have. Furthermore, make sure they know how to address questions before they are even asked. Most patients will not ask the questions they are thinking because they feel the question may be dumb or unnecessary.

Work on scheduling treatment with your team by having them sell you treatment as if you’re the patient. Sit in the chair and let them explain what the next procedure will be. Performing exercises like this at least once a month will help keep your team confident in speaking to your patients.
Don’t be afraid to perform similar exercises with your entire staff. Walk in the door as if you’re a walk-in patient, call in and try to ask questions, or have your treatment coordinator sell you on some brand new veneers.

As a doctor, you know this more than anyone else, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!”

3. Have Multiple Finance Options

Does this sound familiar to you, “We accept cash, credit cards, and we offer CareCredit”? If so, you’re not alone.  Thousands of providers around the country also say that same statement to their patients when discussing financing options. So what is wrong with this statement? You basically just told 60% of the population who have poor credit and no cash that you can’t help them! 

Think about it from the patient’s perspective:
Cash: Money is tight; I don’t have $4,000 in the bank.
Credit Cards: I don’t have good enough credit for a $4,000 credit card.
CareCredit: Wait, isn’t that just another credit card I can’t get?

In your patient's mind, you offered them nothing, which results in another unscheduled treatment plan.

Now how does this statement sound? “We have multiple finance options for you when it comes to paying for your treatment, 0% interest plans, and even a no credit check option if you’re not confident in your credit strength.” That sounds much better to your patients. They already assume you take cash or credit, but now you have changed their thought process by mentioning 0% interest plans and no credit checks!
Offering your patients as many financing options as you can will benefit both your patients and your practice. A successful practice will have a first, second, and sometimes third look financing option. 

Try adding these strategies to your treatment plan playbook and watch your treatments start converting.

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