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Give Back a Smile Partner MyntSmile Helps Smiles Last a Lifetime

March 12, 2019 by AACD Executive Office

Myntsmile gives a portion of their sales to survivors of domestic violence through the AACD Charitable Foundation’s Give Back a Smile program

A smile speaks a thousand words. Yet, for some people, the simple act of smiling can be extremely hard and a constant reminder of the trauma they have endured. Losing your smile can have a huge psychological effect on your quality of life. This year Myntsmile is involved with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation to raise money for its Give Back a Smile program. A portion of our sales will provide free smile makeovers for survivors of domestic violence.

Did you know there is a PATENTED toothpaste just for cosmetic dentistry that will help your patients’ veneers, crowns and bonding last a lifetime?

One of the best ways to take care of your teeth after a cosmetic dentistry procedure is to use a tooth paste specifically designed for dental restorations. Not all toothpastes are created equal, and not every toothpaste is designed to be used on dental veneers or dental composites. MyntSmile is the first and only clinically proven toothpaste that will keep your porcelain restorations such as veneers, crowns, bonding, and implants last longer than any other toothpaste in the market. MyntSmile will help improve polish and gloss which make teeth less likely to stain. MyntSmile also whitens natural teeth and reduces cold sensitivity by being less abrasive to teeth. The patented formula will help keep your smile looking fabulous and protect your dental investment. This information and more can be found on our Your Smile Becomes You blog.

Click here to access our Your Smile Becomes You blog. 


Want to Become a Myntsmile Affiliate?

Click here to become a Myntsmile affiliate and receive free samples for your practice. 

  • Myntsmile protects and polishes all porcelain and composite, not just veneers.

  • Myntsmile whitens teeth.

  • Mynsmile enables patients to reduce sensitive teeth RDA 52 and fight tooth decay.

  • Patients become more aware of their smiles when they are regular Myntsmile users. They are more likely to come in regularly and be more interested in additional cosmetic dentistry.

  • Because Myntsmile maintains the gloss of porcelains and composites, so patients look better longer and will refer their friends and family to their dentist.

  • A Myntsmile purchase will result in a donation to a great cause—the fight against domestic violence.

  • Myntsmile polishes Lithium DiSilicate and Zirconia, the two most common restoration materials today.


Click here to learn more about the AACD Charitable Foundation’s Give Back a Smile program.

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